What Is Brushless Motor;10 Advantageous You Must Know

The brushless motor is a type of motor that does not use brushes. It always has a voltage regulator or a variator associated with it. These brushless motors allow us to achieve great performance and great power in exchange for a high consumption . Due to this, we have to use batteries Lypo (Polymer of lithium).

What Is Brushless Motor;10 Advantageous You Must Know


  • Greater efficiency (less heat loss)
  • Higher performance (longer battery life for the same power)
  • Less weight for the same power
  • They require less maintenance because they do not have brushes
  • Speed ​​/ torque ratio is almost constant
  • More power for the same size
  • Better heat dissipation
  • High speed range as there is no mechanical limitation.
  • Less electronic noise (less interference in other circuits)


  • Higher construction cost
  • The control is through an expensive and complex circuit
  • You always need an electronic control to make it work (ESC’s), which sometimes doubles the cost.

Which Tool Is Suitable With Or Without Brushes?

It is clear that the technology used in brushless power tools provide superior performance. Brush motors operate with an efficiency of approximately 75 to 80%, which means that approximately three quarters of the total power used by the motor is converted into a rotating force and the rest is lost in the form of heat. The brushless motors , on the other hand, are typically 85 to 90% efficient. However, the cost of these engines is 30% higher than that of conventional brush motors.

Therefore, in a few words, the main difference between a brushless motor and a motor with brushes is that  stationary magnets and rotary windings (typical design of a motor with brushes). A brushless motor has stationary windings and a rotating magnet. The main benefit is that,it has no friction,and reduces heat.

Therefore, if we are professionals who make daily and / or extensive use of wireless tools , we will probably have opted for the brushless models.

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