Is breaking a promise a sin?

Yes, breaking a promise is a sin because a promise is a serious thing. It is better not to make a promise than to make and not keep ( Deuteronomy 23: 21-23 ). But God always forgives those who repent.

What does the Bible say about breaking promises?

The Bible teaches that it is better not to promise than not keep. A promise should not be made in any situation, because it creates many obligations. If you make too many promises, you won’t be able to keep them all. Simply keep what you say, without making promises ( Matthew 5: 34-37 ).

Make promises for nothing and do not keep angry with God, because it is a lack of respect for Him and the person to whom the promise was made. A promise is a sacred commitment and must be kept ( Ecclesiastes 5: 4-7 ). Do not play with God.

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Does God forgive anyone who breaks promises?

Yes, God forgives those who break promises but repent ( 1 John 1: 9 ). Some promises are foolish and keeping them can cause many problems. Making such a promise is wrong. God does not want your suffering. If you have made an unwise promise that you cannot keep, ask God for forgiveness. If you made the promise to someone else, ask that person’s forgiveness as well. Next time, think twice before making a promise.

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How important is a promise?

A promise is a serious guarantee that someone will do or fail to do something. It is a sacred commitment before God and men. The honor and reputation of the person depend on the fulfillment of the promise.

When someone doesn’t keep a promise, they lose people’s reputation and trust. In the Bible, some people who made promises also added a curse if they did not keep the promise. A promise is a special and important statement, it should not be made for nothing.


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