Is it a sin to marry only in the civilian?

It is not a sin to marry only in the civilian but receiving God’s blessing is very important for marriage. Even if it’s just a small thing, it’s good to have a religious ceremony. God must be at the center of Christian marriage.

Does the Bible talk about civil marriage?

No, the Bible does not talk about civil marriage. In Bible times, marriage was a ceremony that did not need government recognition. Religious marriage was official.

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The distinction between civil and religious marriage arose to impose some order and not to discriminate against different religions. The Buddhist wedding ceremony is very different from the evangelical wedding. The government needs a universal rule to recognize a marriage as official, regardless of the religious ceremony. Civil marriage also serves to prevent abuse, such as child marriage.

Why marry civilian?

  • To be official– the government only recognizes civil marriage; without the civil ceremony, legally you are single
  • For protection– civil marriage gives special rights to the couple, such as joint custody of the children
  • To be a witness– marrying a civilian proves that the couple wants a serious commitment and recognized by all

Why have a religious wedding?

A firm marriage must have God at the center, in charge. Religious marriage serves to show the couple’s acceptance of biblical values ​​about marriage. In the Bible, marriage is more than a legal contract; it is a sacred covenant between a man and a woman before God.

Civil marriage accepts any religion or philosophy. Religious marriage affirms the couple’s commitment to God. The couple asks for God’s blessing on their marriage ( Matthew 19: 6 ).

Religious marriage does not have to be very expensive and complicated. It can be something more simple and intimate. The important thing is to give priority to God, not the size of the party.

Attention: whenever possible, civil and religious marriage should take place in a row, without much time in between, to avoid confusion and controversy.


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