Why brands and influencers keep buying Instagram followers

Brands and influencers continue to buy Instagram followers to keep their Instagram accounts growing trend high . There is a technique called Drip Feed.

The question that many are asking is: Does Instagram delete the accounts of those who buy followers? Is it really dangerous to buy followers?

If Instagram noticed how followers are acquired (because there are so many methods) we would all have the possibility to have the accounts of whoever we want deleted. It would be enough to buy followers and send them to the “enemy” instagram account and the game would be done.

Not so, many buy followers and Instagram does not penalize the accounts that do so. It is absolutely not dangerous to buy followers.

The only danger is bots. They should never be used. 

Instagram deletes accounts that acquire followers via bots. Forever ban these accounts that give the password to external software not approved by Facebook that automate accounts by following, unfollowing or viewing stories, messages etc … In July 2019 Instagram updated the algorithm and most of the bots are gone, million-euro businesses like Fuelgram have jumped. On the web there are still some very dangerous bots that promise miracles for a few hundred euros but these too will soon be eliminated.

Buying Instagram followers is “okay” but acquiring them through bots that enter your profile is really dangerous, not only for the question of deleting the account by Instagram but also for hacking and selling the profile and privacy. Once you have given your password to one of these companies that never show identification data (who they are, where they are, contacts, terms of use, etc.) your account, if interesting, could be put up for sale without you you know. Once you have sold your account, you have lost it forever because it is your fault as you have given the password to third parties not approved by Facebook.


What is the Drip Feed

It does not just mean “diluting the release of followers” ​​with a simple automatism but it is an advanced technique.

Not all brands and influencers use it but those who tend to want to do business on Instagram or who already do it (especially the most famous) for “commercial marketing” reasons must demonstrate that their account is constantly growing.

There is a system that recognizes when the Instagram account in question loses followers. As they are lost practically instantly the system adds new ones.

Most Instagram accounts lose followers every day, because Instagram eliminates spam. Those who know they have bought artificial followers lose many daily and therefore must add enough accordingly to compensate for the loss and increase growth.

In parallel to this strategy, others are used such as Instagram ads, ads on satellite accounts, shootout etc ..

Many influencers campaign on purpose to keep at least the number of followers reached – they refill followers based on the estimated loss. There are those who make campaigns and those who directly buy real followers from ads (shootout on Instagram)


Followers, likes, saves, comments, impressions, reaches, views are all data that are regularly bought by those who do business on Instagram. Parallel strategies are added to the traditional advertising tools that Instagram offers. A much loved strategy by influencers and brands is to send in popular and on the page explore posts through a trick invented by a very serious and reliable social media agency in Milan Instasamy.com .


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