8 undervalued bike brands

The brand continues to be a value to be taken into account by cyclists when buying a bicycle. There are a multitude of bicycle manufacturers and brands, although only a small group dominates distribution and marketing and sets the trends in design and technology season after season.

Everyone knows Specialized, Trek, Giant, Orbea or Canyon, brands that provide a plus of reliability to the bicycles they produce. However, there are other brands that are less well known or with less presence in the marketing and distribution channels that, precisely because they are not so wrongly known, tend to undervalue them.

In this article we want to talk about them. They are excellent bicycles with a great value for money that can compete face to face in performance and reliability with the major world manufacturers. We have chosen eight of them, but there are many more that more than meet these requirements.

We tell you its history, achievements and most outstanding models so that you take them into account when renewing a bicycle.


We started our list of undervalued bike brands with Spain’s Berria . Founded in 2012 by the brothers David and José Vitoria, it has been one of the newly minted Spanish manufacturers that has grown the most in the last eight years, betting on road, gravel and mountain bikes with a multitude of mounting options and frame customization.

A good part of the production is located in Spain, specifically in the plant that the company has in the Albacete town of Ossa de Montiel. In addition to offering a personalized product to each user with adjusted prices, it has its own private testing laboratory in the competition, specifically the Berria Factory Team, one of the most outstanding professional teams on the national mountain bike.

Among its most representative bicycles, the Berria Bravo and Berria Mako cross country , rigid and double, respectively, stand out. Also with his Berria Belador road bike , with self-designed carbon frames and very light for competition.


BH is a very established brand in the Spanish market. Although it is present in many countries, internationally it is difficult for it to reach the position and presence of other manufacturers that have more name. But that’s not to say that your bikes fall a notch below as frames or mounts.

BH has a centuries-old history in the manufacture of bicycles of all kinds and for many years it was the main bicycle manufacturer in Spain.

BH was one of the first brands in Spain to manufacture mountain bikes, in the mid-eighties

Its presence and development of bicycles in competition is also notable. In mountain bike circuits it was a reference in the 1990s and early 2000s, sponsoring the legendary BH Coronas, or the French BH-Suntour-KMC in the XC World Cup. Currently supplies material to the Burgos-BH road team and the BH-Templo Cafés de MTB.

As for its most relevant current models, on the road and triathlon, the G8, Ultralight and Aerolight stand out, respectively. While in MTB its flagship model is the Lynx full suspension in its two variants: Race (XC) and 5 (Trail and Enduro). In recent years it has been one of the brands most focused on the production of electric bicycles.


Of Commençal it is a story of cult brand in the mountain bike, especially the most radical ways: Descent and enduro. Founded by Max Commençal, also the creator of Sunn, in 2000, it soon began to stand out for its original paintings and its commitment to aluminum as a manufacturing material.

Although there were a few years ago Commençal in carbon, such as the Super 4 or the Meta, a visit by Max Commençal himself to one of the factories in China where his frames were manufactured made him permanently discard this material, in favor of aluminum alloy. .

Commençal scrapped the production of carbon bikes a few years ago. It only produces aluminum models

“When I saw the conditions of the workers at that plant, with hardly any protection and with carbon dust on their faces, I didn’t feel comfortable and refused to continue manufacturing like this,” he told Pinbike on one occasion. In addition to the environmental and labor reason, the owner and CEO of Commençal opted for aluminum as it is a material with more design possibilities than fiber, as well as economical.

Commençal is synonymous with radical and original bicycles. With the Supreme downhill model, the French rider Amaury Pierron was proclaimed champion of the DH World Cup in 2018. On the other hand, his enduro and trail range, with the Meta as the flagship model, is a benchmark in the segment. It also has a wide collection of bicycles for children and e-bikes.


Factor is an English brand of road bikes that goes quite unnoticed by the majority of users, but nevertheless offers a quality product, perhaps the most exclusive on this list, which has the endorsement of several professional teams.

It is a young brand created in 2007. In its beginnings it was an engineering company that made designs for sports and competition car brands, such as Ferrari, Aston Martin or Lamborghini.

On this basis of a company focused on innovation, it moved to the cycling industry in 2009, launching its first series bicycle on the market, the Vis Vires, in 2013. An aero model with a futuristic design, with a fork and head tube joined in a single part (Twin Vane Evo) to lighten weight and increase aerodynamics.

Based on the Vis Vires, the current range was created, with somewhat more classic and functional frames, but always with the aero concept very present and high exclusivity. Of particular note are the high-performance Ostro and O2 Vam, worn by the Israel Start Up Nation 2021 team riders, including Chris Froome; or the One, with the Twin Van Evo fork inherited from the Vis Vires.


Ghost is a brand born in the 1990s in Germany, focused mainly on the production of mountain bikes, although it also manufactures some smaller-scale road models. It began to become popular beyond the Bavarian borders in the last 10 years and had its own team in the Cross Country World Cup, which currently remains in the elite women’s category.

Ghost has a wide catalog of carbon and aluminum mountain bikes, with models for all price ranges and modalities, from XC to enduro to electric ones. But of all of them, the one that has had the most success is its recently renewed Ghost Lector racing hardtail .


Although it is quite unknown to the general public, Megamo is a fundamental part of the history of mountain biking in Spain. Founded in 1987 in Girona, it grew at the same time that this sport did in our country, always next to the runners on the circuits.

In the beginning, it manufactured rigid steel mountain bikes and biketrial bicycles, and shortly after, with the beginning of the new century, it started with double suspension, aluminum frames and carbon.

Currently its offer is not only focused on mountain biking. It also has road bikes in its catalog, gravel and e-bikes. It is a small brand but with a lot of history and always attached to the competition. Its XC carbon Track (double) and Factory (rigid) stand out.


Rockrider is the mountain bike brand of the French chain of sports stores Decathlon. A brand that is committed to a simple and inexpensive product but of good quality for beginner cyclists, amateurs, etc. It is one of the best-selling brands today not only in Spain, but also in the rest of Europe.

Rockrider’s image is heavily distorted, as is B’Twin and Van Rysel, which are Decathlon’s other two bike brands. As they are low-cost bicycles and are sold in department stores, people often consider them at a lower level or have the perception that they are not bicycles to compete or perform great challenges. However, its value for money is very remarkable.

Within its range we also find models with frames and assemblies prepared to compete or do intense training, with the plus of a reduced price. An example of this are the current Rockrider XC 900 MTB models or the new road Van Rysel with an aero frame and a multitude of mounting options, electronic gearbox, disc brakes, etc.


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