Botador (Tool)

Boot (Container) . Typical Spanish container in the shape of a drop or tear, generally made of leather that is glued inside and sewn on the outside. Like wineskins it is mainly used to store and keep wine fresh .

Unlike they are smaller than these, (therefore they are more easily transported) and they are drunk directly, tilting it while pressing its lower part.


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Boot – how to handle

The boot is held with one hand at the bottom, with the other it is held at the height of the collarejo, it is brought to the mouth and short drinks are made as the wine falls.


The fish

The fish is a derivative of the resin of the pine or juniper, it is used in a wine boot to waterproof the inside of it, preventing the liquid from penetrating the skin of the boot. The fish is solid at room temperature and is made up of a complex mixture of many hydrocarbons.

The fish has a wide softening range rather than a defined melting temperature. When the melt cools, the fish solidifies without crystallization, allowing the boot to bend and warp to some extent without losing its waterproofness. The fish is suitable for use as a waterproofer and harmless to health.


The original models have a drop or teardrop shape, either straight or with a curved mouth, and are made of goatskin) sewn by hand and covered in fish with the curves of even turned bulls. With the evolution of the boots, they have seemed models of various (sometimes even extravagant) shapes, in terms of materials it is common to replace the interior waterproofing of fish with latex , by using a preformed inner container of this material , likewise the exterior is currently made with other cheaper leathers or with synthetic materials, the curbs are made with plastic materials of various qualities, such as bakelite and other plastics with food quality.

Type of drinks

In principle you can use all kinds of drinks, from water to cognac , wine, etc. Beverages such as wine and sugar- free liquors can be kept inside for a long time without degrading, but it is recommended that whenever a wine boot is not going to be used for a period of time, it is stored and preserved properly. Soft drinks and carbonated drinks contain carbonic acid CO2 and a lot of sugar and this type of drinks, it is recommended not to keep them in the wine boot for more than 24 hours. Always after using this type of drink, rinse the inside of the boot with water.


A boot in use does not require more maintenance than periodic washing, usually every time it is refilled. If a boot is to be left unused for a long time, it is recommended to wash it with water and leave it in a horizontal position, half-inflated, with a glass of cognac. However, there may be some normal problems inherent to the characteristics of this particular vessel, which do not affect the quality of the boot and are easy to solve.

-In fish boots, when the boot is left vertical for a long time, the fish tends to drop. To solve this problem it is enough to recast the fish and distribute it again inside the boot. For it:

  1. Empty the boot of any liquid and wash it with water.
  2. The boot should then be heated by putting it in the sun or heating.
  3. Once the boot is quite warm, you should press the inside fish with your fingers, distributing it throughout the boot.
  4. After that, the boot is carefully inflated again, without forcing it, and it is allowed to cool, being ready for use.


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