Boots . Indispensable accessory that is part of human clothing . It serves to cover and protect your lower limbs from impediments.


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  • 1 Beginnings
  • 2 types
    • 1 Raincoats
    • 2 Work
    • 3 Cowgirls
    • 4 Feminine
  • 3 most famous boots in history
    • 1 Cowboy
    • 2 Musketeers
    • 3 Mounts
    • 4 Martins
    • 5 Aquatics
  • 4 Disney
  • 5 Sources

the beginning

They were born as work shoes but very soon they became a fashion accessory. Over the years there have been so many shapes and models of boots that it is almost an impossible task to list them all. Whether they are hyperplanes or with a very high stiletto heel, there will always be a boot for every style.



Rain boots

Rain boots are usually made of a simple, but strongly stitched, piece of leather, rubber or rubber to make them waterproof and this prevents water, mud or any other element that could splash from penetrating to the foot. There are also several models of this type, depending on height and material.

Fisherman’s boots are known as those made of rubber and which are high, reaching even the groins in the most exaggerated cases. They are not shoes to play some sports but they are good for the mountains.


Work boots – Western

More robust boots, designed to protect against rough terrain or hazards at work. Some boots have a specific purpose of protection: a steel worker if they stepped on incandescent metal, a chemical from possible exposures, etc. There are also them with insulation, inflatables and even to be able to walk around the Antarctic .

Cow girls

Cowboy boots

Originally from work. They can be fashionable footwear, especially made of exotic leathers or leather such as ostrich or snake. Of the components to be observed in cowboy boots, it is the pointed or semi-pointed toe, which may or may not have a cap. Heels are also distinctive, as they can have an internal tilt.


Boots for women

Women’s boots, the main differentiating element is the type of heel they use, since they exist from completely flat boots to pointy ones of several centimeters.

Women’s boots have historically been associated with equine activities, however their use has become widespread in all modern women’s activities, regardless of their culture, geographic location or social class. High-heeled women’s boots are widely used in BDSM activities.

There are all kinds of prices for women’s boots, from plastic imitations made in Asia to legitimate leather with brand design.

Most famous boots in history



Used by the first American colonists in the United States and later exported worldwide. Later they were also called cowboy boots and their trail lasts to this day.



Leather boots worn by the musketeers were during the Modern Era that formed the armies of Europe, Asia and France, during the Old Regime when they were part of the personal guard of sovereigns and rulers. Those carried by D’Artagnan and his companions in Alexandre Dumas’ literary work , ” The Three Musketeers ” are also very famous .


Black leather , studs, buckles … in true Easy Ryder style.


Martins boots

They marked an era among the most rebellious youth of the 80s. Of all colors, these boots became a symbol for an entire generation.


Water boots – Hunter

They were also born as work shoes and still fulfill that function for people who work at sea. Generally, also called Katiuskas, are used by children but in recent years, they have also jumped into the female wardrobe. The famous Hunter, are one of the most coveted by fashionistas.


Cats in Boots – Disney

In the Disney cartoon cinema, those used by blue princes , brave knights who face dragons and Sorcerers, are very famous . But above all the roads by that cunning feline ” Puss in Boots “, who with the force of intelligence does good.


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