Bope Training;How It Is and Tips For Getting In Shape

How does Bope training work? 

And anyone who saw the movie must also remember that Bope’s training is not a cinch. Bope’s training is internationally recognized for its high degree of difficulty.According to former Bope captain Rodrigo Pimentel, who was even co-writer of the film Elite Squad, students are pushed to the limit during their formative period.

About Bope training, the training duration is three and a half months. To give you an idea, Pimentel revealed that the first month of Bope’s training is called “hell”.

According to the former captain, students sleep only for three hours a night and need to negotiate food for some kind of activity. Pimentel explained that Bope’s training is even worse than shown in the movie and said there were cases of only four police officers being approved in a class that registered 50 applicants.

To give you a sense of how training works, here are some of its worst moments, including a 120-kilometer saddle-free march and a self-defense test in which a single student fights eight officers at a time.The deal is dangerous indeed, so much so that several cases of serious fractures have already been registered and in 2003 a candidate died of cold during the training.Speaking of his own personal experience, Rodrigo Pimentel revealed that in his class a student suffered a spleen injury following the self-defense test.

Bope Training Examples 

Physical educator Jorge Otero presented some models of Bope’s physical training. Check out what they are below:

Training A

  • Objective: lactic aerobic and anaerobic endurance, power and dynamic force.
  • Duration: 60 to 80 minutes according to the pace used.

Made on soft sand (flat part) terrain, inclined mat, slopes (with inclinations between 6º and 10º, according to the athlete’s athletic condition) or grass. The physical educator suggests varying the terrain.


  1. Joint movements;
  2. Stretching;
  3. Global warming (jumping jacks, knee lift, buttocks heel);
  4. 20 strokes with deep, slow and continuous squats (tower);
  5. 20 minutes of trotting with moderate heart rate (HR) around 65% to 75% of maximum;
  6. 20 closed push-ups (or 10 parallel bars) + 50 sit-ups BOPE (with 2 kg dumbbell in each hand – raise the trunk and simultaneously flex one leg, rotate the trunk toward the bent leg and return to the original lying position, then repeat the same procedure for the other side);
  7. 20 open flexions or 10 fixed bars with the palm facing outwards;
  8. 6 shots with a maximum speed of 20 seconds on soft sand or other chosen terrain, with a maximum interval of 40 seconds between shots and an HR above 75%;
  9. Recovering trot of 20 minutes without exceeding 60% of HR;

Training B 

  • Objective: aerobic endurance and flexibility.
  • Duration: between 40 and 50 minutes.

Made on flat terrain except soft sand.


  1. Joint movements;
  2. Stretching;
  3. 30-minute recuperative race, in which HR does not exceed 70% of its maximum level;
  4. Stretching with more amplitude.

C training

  • Objective: Aerobic, lactic and alactic anaerobic endurance, power, motor coordination, flexibility and dynamic strength (conditioning for sloping terrain.
  • Duration: between 30 and 40 minutes.

Made on slopes, ramps or treadmill inclined between 6º and 8º (Otero recommends 8º inclination).


  1. Joint movements;
  2. Stretching;
  3. 5-minute uphill walk;
  4. 2-minute shot upward with maximum HR;
  5. Immediate active rest with 10 open and 10 closed push-ups + 25 BOPE sit-ups;
  6. Straight make a second shot of 2 minutes upwards;
  7. Immediate active rest with 10 open and 10 closed push-ups + 25 BOPE sit-ups;
  8. Straight make a third shot of 2 minutes upwards;
  9. 1 minute passive rest;
  10. Fourth minute shot upward;
  11. 1 minute passive rest and stretching.

Training D 

  • Objective: lactic and allactic aerobic and anaerobic endurance, power, motor coordination, endurance and flexibility.
  • Duration: between 40 and 50 minutes.

Made on benches, steps or stairs of buildings at least 50 cm. If the steps are low, work two by two.


  1. Joint movements;
  2. Stretching;
  3. Global warming;
  4. Climb the step using only the right leg as a source of power for 15 seconds at full speed. Immediately switch to the left leg and repeat the same exercise. Immediately afterwards, climb with both legs for another 30 seconds at top speed and HR between approximately 80% to 90% of maximum. Rest should take place between one complete set and another as described above and last a maximum of 1 minute. Jorge indicates performing from 8 to 12 repetitions and not using his arms to help climb the steps or stairs. According to him, Bope’s operatives make the series carrying a rifle, that is, keep their arms busy. One suggestion of the physical educator is to do the exercise by carrying a pair of 2 kg dumbbells, keeping them elevated in front of the body and at shoulder height;
  5. Trot 20 minutes on flat ground;


Needless to say, if you want to get in shape with Bope’s training, you will not have to copy in full the training done by the students at the unit. As we have seen, it is dangerous and has already caused serious injury to individuals who have prepared for it.What you can do is look for a Bope-style workout tailored to your conditions. But first of all, make an appointment to see what your physical condition is, whether you are fit to perform such a workout and how hard you should do it.

Physical educator Jorge Otero recommended conducting evaluations with professionals such as cardiologist and physical educator. The professional also advised that it is necessary to strengthen the joints involved in Bope training with bodybuilding.After that, seek the help of a good personal trainer who will define how your Bope-inspired training should work, defining your workouts, sets and repetitions so that you have good results, but not your health.Their presence is also important for you to learn how each exercise technique should be done, which reduces the risk of injury, and you receive first aid if an injury or injury happens.

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