Who was the blood flow woman?

The blood flow woman was a Jewess from the time of Jesus who suffered from hemorrhage. The Bible does not tell us your name but your faith is a great example of life. By her faith, the woman was healed of her blood flow.

The woman’s blood flow story

The woman in the bloodstream had suffered from hemorrhage for 12 years and had spent everything she had on doctors, but none were able to help her ( Mark 5: 25-26 ). When she saw that Jesus was passing by, the woman went after him to receive healing.

There was a large crowd around Jesus but the woman with the blood flow managed to approach him and managed to touch his clothing ( Matthew 9: 20-21 ). She had so much faith in Jesus that she believed that just a touch of her clothing was enough! And the moment she touched Jesus’ clothing, the woman was healed of the blood flow.

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Jesus felt and asked who had touched his robe. The disciples were confused, because many people were touching him. But Jesus explained that this touch had been different, because his power came out. The woman, seeing that she could not hide, told what she had done and how she had been cured of the blood flow. Jesus then sent her in peace, because her faith had saved her ( Luke 8: 46-48 ).

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What can we learn from the woman’s blood flow?

The woman with the blood flow shows us the power of faith and courage.

For the Jews, a hemorrhage left the person unclean until it ceased ( Leviticus 15: 25-27 ). Therefore, the woman with the blood flow would have been considered impure for 12 years, with very limited contact with other people and without being able to go to the temple to worship God.

The blood flow woman sought medical help but this problem could not be cured with medicine. She knew she needed a miracle. When she heard of Jesus, she believed in his power and sought his help. Jesus healed the woman of the blood flow with a simple touch of her clothes, because she had faith!

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Leaving the house sick, facing the crowd and then telling everything in front of so many people took courage. What would people think? How would Jesus react? She didn’t know but decided to risk everything to receive the salvation she needed. Because of this, she was blessed by Jesus.

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