Blackview bv 5500;Review

Fearless. This is the name of the Blackview bv 5500 mobile phone , which went on sale in the winter of 2019. It is not afraid of moisture, dirt, falls and bumps. What is the strength – we will tell you below in the text.

Blackview bv 5500 specifications

Blackview BV 5500 specifications can be found on the back of the white box in which the gadget is shipped. The phone package includes:

  • a protective film and a paper clip to open the SIM tray;
  • wired headset and micro USB cable;
  • instructions for use and power supply.

The phone has four features that grab the attention of users:

  • the smartphone is fully protected: it can be operated under water at a depth of 1.5 meters. Moreover, Blackview is not afraid of dust, temperature changes and moisture;
  • nice price – within $ 100;
  • the phone comes with headphones and a protective film;
  • rubberized housing that protects the device from shock and moisture, gives ergonomics.

Let’s take a closer look at Blackview bv 5500 specifications to understand strengths and weaknesses.

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Appearance, design, dimensions

Let’s start our review of Blackview bv 5500 with an analysis of its appearance. The rubberized body is striking. It gives the impression of good quality and protection against moisture ingress.

Blackview overall – 152.2×75.5×14 mm, but at the same time fits in the palm of your hand. Weight – 225 g. The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 3, and a protective film is glued to it. Yes, such a phone is definitely not afraid of shocks and falls.

In the upper part of the mobile phone there is a front camera, an earpiece, sensors and an indicator with LEDs. Around the display, a black bezel with a thickness of 4 mm. The sides protrude by 0.5 mm.

The volume control buttons are in their usual place – on the right side, which are too flat and deeply recessed into the body, so it is not always convenient to press them. On the left is a closed tray for nano SIM cards and micro SD cards. The model provides for a combined installation: microSD and nano sim or two nano sim cards.

The USB connector can be found at the very bottom where the speaker grilles and microphone hole are located. In the upper part there is a jack for connecting headphones. The audio jack and microUSB are closed with plugs, which are tightly fixed to protect against dust and moisture. The corners are specially thickened to soften the impacts on the ends. A clear relief pattern is traced on the back cover.

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Battery and charging

In the Blackview BV 5500 review without a description of the phone’s battery – nothing. To maintain autonomy, a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 4400 mAh is used. The adapter is designed for 5 V, 1 A. For a budget model, the battery lasts quite a long time. It takes 4.5 hours to fully charge.

Results of offline use.

  1. You can watch movies for 11 hours in a row.
  2. In game mode, the phone can withstand 6 hours.
  3. With moderate use, it takes two days without recharging.

To maintain autonomy in the settings, you can turn on the battery power saving mode. This is done in four steps.

Go to Settings → Then Battery → Item Power saving mode → Select one of three options: standard, improved or extreme.


The main module of the gadget consists of several cameras at once, or rather two, 8 megapixels, the aperture is f / 2. Sony IMX134 camera sensor. Autofocus and LED flash are present. Blackview BV 5500 camera has standard shooting modes: HDR, night. Thanks to the bokeh function, blurring the background is not a problem for Blackview.

There are also PRO modes, where you can manually set the white balance, exposure and sensitivity. A lot of functions can make novice users get lost, but for those who like to play with the settings, using it will not be difficult.

Since the gadget positions itself as a protected model , the quality of the images fades into the background. The camera is equipped with 4x digital zoom. You can shoot panoramas of satisfactory quality.

Front camera – 2 megapixels with 2.8 aperture. The focus of the camera is fairly fixed, but there is no flash. For the pricing of a smartphone, the camera is quite good. But with insufficient lighting, the pictures come out blurry, and overexposures appear from artificial sources.

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A few numbers. Responsible for the performance of the gadget is the MediaTek MT6580P chip, assembled using a 28nm technical process. Quad-core Cortex-A7 brains @ 1.3GHz. Graphics accelerator – Mali-400 MP2. The power is enough for everyday tasks, smooth operation of instant messengers and for launching undemanding toys. Even HD videos on the built-in player are supported.

The smartphone has 16 gig of internal memory and 2 RAM. It is possible to install an additional micro SD up to 32 GB. However, not all attachments are transferred to the card.

Game mode is generally only available at low graphics levels. The model supports GPS operation. A cold start (when the user launches a toy without a previous session in the background) takes no more than a minute. However, there is no 4G support.


Thanks to the built-in IPS matrix, the smartphone has suitable viewing angles. The diagonal of the screen is 5.5 inches, and the resolution is 720×1440. This corresponds to an aspect ratio of 18: 9. No graininess was noticed, density – 295 ppi.

Touch control is fast enough and sensitive, can respond simultaneously to all 5 points. There is no oleophobic coating.

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Appearance of standard screens and menus

The phone works on the basis of the Android 8.1 Oreo operating system, where there is the possibility of a wireless update. The device functions quickly enough, without slowing down.

The gadget interface is divided into two desktops, on which a small number of standard applications are presented:

  • voice recorder, notes, tools;
  • calendar, calculator, music, set of functions;
  • alerts, clocks, files, radio, Play Market;
  • Duo, settings, google folder.

There is no main menu.

For convenient use, Google services are located in one folder. The “Tools” contains several specialized applications that will be useful for travel lovers and for any occasion:

  • compass, sound level meter, wall level, height measurement;
  • magnifier, level, protractor, plumb line.

Specialized programs can replace real instruments that you do not need to carry with you and worry so as not to forget.

You can face unlock your phone by turning on FaceID. The algorithm of actions is simple.

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Further “Security”.
  3. Select “Face Recognition”.
  4. Conduct a successful face registration and you’re done.

Now you can unlock your phone with a glance. The function works quite quickly. If necessary, you can delete face data.

In the settings, you can work with the control panel, assign gestures to functions. To do this, you need to go to the panel itself, select a combination of buttons.

Price for Blackview bv 5500

The cost of the device is within 3000 UAH. This is a fairly budget smartphone that can be used underwater at a depth of 1.5 meters, in the mountains and near the ocean. Protection – IP68 , IP69K, MIL-STD-810G, which means dust, moisture and temperature drops are not Blackview!

See the strengths and weaknesses of the Blackview bv 5500 in the overview table:

Advantages Shortcomings
High-quality assembly Simple filling
Water, dust and drop resistant No 4G support
Includes headphones and a protective film Combined SIM and memory card tray
Face ID recognition
Affordable price

Since the emphasis in the phone is made specifically on the protective properties, the camera and the filling of the model have faded into the background. Despite this, the gadget has a number of advantages that make it a worthy choice for keeping in touch during an extreme vacation in the mountains, forest, near the ocean. There is no LTE and NFC support.

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