Top 10 Popular Shooting Games on PS4

What shooter to play in order to get pleasure from the plot, and from the image, and from the gameplay – the article will help to decide. This ranking includes the 10 best shooting games on PS4 and other platforms. There are no exclusives in the top selection, so the choice is not limited to hardware.

Far cry 5

This is all the same bright action game with survival elements, well known to fans of the series. Memorable heroes, crazy storyline, but in an improved format – this is how you can briefly describe the 5th part of the popular action movie.

The lack of linearity in the plot gives the gamer a certain amount of freedom. The game takes him to a fictional city, where a false prophet seized power. The task is to arrest him.

Best qualities:

  1. Action, an impressive huge world – what the developers have focused on, and from which the project has become simply gorgeous.
  2. You will not be bored. There are several ending options: you can play the game several times, experiencing different emotions in a new way. You can go through it through or “stealth”, and this is another portion of new sensations.

Note : Available on consoles (PS 4 and Xbox 1) as well as gaming computers.

  1. In co-op, the second gamer can use weapons and money, skills are also available to him. But it should be borne in mind that only the main gamer keeps progress.
    4. 4 villains with their own unique charisma will remain in your memory for a long time.

Battlefield 4

The 12th game in the series is a hit that took first-person shooters to the next level. This is not a simple shooter, but a well-developed military strategy, where you need to think several steps ahead and work out battle tactics in order to achieve results.

The game takes the gamer into 2020. He gets the role of a sergeant, a soldier of the reconnaissance group “Tombstone”. The very first mission of the detachment is to go to Baku and get important information from a fugitive Russian general, then it gets more and more complicated. However, you don’t have to be distracted by the plot. It gives the shooter an atmosphere, but the main thing in the game is shooting.

Why in the ranking:

  • High level of destructibility: almost everything around explodes and breaks, making the gameplay even more lively and colorful. Everything looks no worse than American action movies with a bunch of special effects.
  • More freedom in comparison with the third part: here the gamer immediately has access to technology and an open area. You can also go from different directions and plan actions right away.
  • The gameplay is not boring. To survive, you need to improvise, choose weapons and equipment in accordance with the situation, beat off vehicles, do not linger in position and do not forget to look around.
  • You can play on 4 playsets from Sony, as well as on Xbox 1 and previous models of these consoles. PC owners will also be able to do plenty of shooting.

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The action movie is still held in high esteem among fans of online team shooters. Game motto: gameplay comes first. There are no dialogues, introductory videos and story campaigns: nothing distracts from the gameplay, which came out intense and really cool, which is confirmed by the reviews. With it, you can stick in the chair for a long time .

Interesting : all events take place in a universe invented by the developers, which lives its own life outside the game – in short cartoons and comics from Blizzard.

Main characteristics:

  • There are as many as 21 characters in the top game. Each has its own weapon, two active skills and a superpower. There are categories that define a role in a team. For example, stormtroopers are quite nimble and inflict significant damage, but they have a small supply of health. Defense guards objects. Support characters heal, equip allies with shields, and increase speed.
  • Each battle is different – the player decides for himself whether to attack or defend, while there are no restrictions on the choice of character. Therefore, there are many options for passing.
  • One of the most important advantages of the project over other online shooters is technical stability. The animation and optimization are awesome. 12 locations are well designed. The maps are small, but they are enough for 2 teams of 6 people.
  • There are no right and wrong combinations of fighters: identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy, well-functioning teamwork – this is the way to success.
  • It goes not only on PS4 Pro and Slim, but also on Xbox 1, as well as on PC.

Doom 2016

Return of the legend of the 90s. The second restart of the series was a significant event for fans of “meat” shooters. The episode tells the story of an unknown space marine. The goal is simple – to eliminate the hordes of demons in order to survive and save the planet.

The new version is significantly different from the classics: the graphics are modern, the gameplay is even more dynamic, and the events now take place not on Mars, but on Earth. The project is cross-platform: both console players and owners of gaming laptops and computers will be able to enjoy the product .

Why it is recommended to play:

  1. For each situation, there is a unique weapon with which you can have fun from the heart. There are shotguns, rocket launchers, a double-barreled supershotgun, which is already familiar to many from early projects of the series, an assault rifle and other interesting specimens. Opening modules for “guns” and earning points, they can be pumped well this way.
  2. One of the innovations was the ability to finish off the enemy. There is plenty of brutality in the game, especially when it comes to close combat.
  3. Character leveling and various selected “Power-ups” in the form of runes give a temporary boost to abilities.
  4. The dynamics of the game does not allow you to sit your pants in the shelter, simultaneously shooting opponents. The maps are quite large, but for the passage of the mission, the gamer is locked in a separate location. He will not be able to move to another until he destroys all enemies.

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Tom clancy’s the division

The first in the MMORPG series, the project earned $ 330 million in the first week. This shooter is one of the best options for survival sim lovers.

Tip : for those who play on the PC, it is better to get a good gaming mouse.

The gamer operates at a time when politicians and scientists were testing how quickly citizens can respond to attacks launched by bioterrorists. It was decided to make banknotes a breeding ground for bacteria. The simulation showed how fast a civilized society can collapse.

Why advise:

  • The game is an RPG in the shell of a third-person action game with a mass of parameters for weapons and armor. The developers have not forgotten about “crafting” either. This is not just a shooter: you have to survive here by tracking many indicators. The gameplay is clearly not boring.
  • The player will have to complete not only the storyline, but also additional missions. To complete some tasks, you will need a certain level of character: it is better not to meddle without pumping, otherwise you can die very quickly.
  • You will have to hide in shelters, many of which are almost impenetrable, but NPCs are not that stupid either: they can throw grenades or go from the flank: it is extremely important to think over tactics.
  • Designed for Sony Playstation 4 , PC and Xbox 1.


This gorgeous first-person action movie, which has received a lot of positive reviews, is ideologically connected with the project of the same name in 2006, but is not a direct continuation of it. There is no connection with the Prey 2 project canceled in 2014.
You have to play as a character who ended up on a space station after a disaster. The catch is that the protagonist has memory problems: you will have to adapt and improvise throughout the gameplay.

What is interesting:

  1. The style of the project is reminiscent of BioShock, which also entered the top selection. In the missions and atmosphere, there are references to Half-Life 2 and Portal, but overall, this cocktail turned out to be very successful. The presentation of the plot and some mechanical solutions are similar to the equally popular project Dishonored, but at the same time, the developers designed the borrowed elements quite competently, and you cannot accuse them of plagiarism.

Note : you can buy the game for PS4, Xbox 1 and for a computer .

  1. The world around us is beautiful and well-designed.
  2. The gameplay is varied. In addition to shooting, you need to deal with technical problems, rummage through history and read a lot. The hero is in constant search of alternative solutions. And he often has to tinker with something.
  3. The game is not about a stupid mess: you have to save resources, think a lot, and also be extremely careful. This is the only way to survive.

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Wolfenstein: the new order

The hardcore shooter is back updated. This 9th part of the series is made as a continuation of the project released in 2009. It was created as a multi-platform project to the delight of the adepts of desktop assemblies and witnesses of the holy console . You will need to act from one person.

The gamer turns out to be part of an alternate history. The Third Reich, which made a technological breakthrough, managed to win the Second World War. The hero decides to join the Resistance movement, whose goal is to overthrow the Nazis.

TOP attractive features:

  1. The story conveys the mood of not only the central character, but also everyone who surrounds him. The world in the game is imbued with the spirit of that period. The player will have to go through not the most positive emotions, as well as feel the whole horror of alternative history.
  2. The videos are impressive in the level of animation and direction. They harmoniously fit into the gameplay and decorate it.
  3. Will have to shoot from a variety of weapons. Two-handed shooting fans won’t be disappointed either.
  4. Some levels can be passed through stealth – this is a plus to the variability. Those who want to go ahead should be prepared for the fact that high-ranking officials, who are not so dangerous in themselves, can raise the alarm, which will complicate the passage.

Recommendation : in order not to disturb others, it would be nice to play with headphones .

  1. There is no shortage of cartridges: they are scattered enough, and no one forbade picking them up from corpses. But there are powerful cannons that can only be loaded in certain places. As a last resort, you can always sneak in quietly and use a knife.
  2. The power of enemies is different. If everything is simple with soldiers, then robots clad in armor will make you sweat. You can also pick up interesting “trunks” from them. Running with these, of course, is difficult, but shooting from cover is great, and the destructive power of such specimens is solid.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

The sequel to the previous project from the rating, which received the “Best Story” award according to IGN in 2017. Gamers will have to plunge into an alternative military history. The action takes place almost six months after the events that took place in The New Order.

Note: The game project is being released on PS4, but it is not exclusive. You can play on consoles of other brands, and on a PC. Judging by the reviews, it is convenient to control both a joystick and a mouse with a keyboard.

What makes an action movie good:

  • The beautifully rendered atmosphere of the period is what the series is famous for. The drama and humor are still there. The game allows you to experience the entire horror of the war, to feel like a part of history, but also to laugh.
  • Optimal balance of mechanics and engine: the rework had a positive impact on the gameplay. Now these are two different games depending on the difficulty level. All levels below the average make it possible, without straining, to “click” the enemy. But the level above the average is merciless: any mistake can be the last.
  • Stealth looks good enough. In addition to pistols, the gamer has 7 hatchets. The developers have not forgotten about the grenades either. In general, the set of weapons is standard: shotguns, pistols, machine guns and other tools to eliminate the enemy. But now they can be customized and improved. There is also character leveling.

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Titanfall 2

The second part of the series of the same name, which was undeservedly lost against the background of the cult Battlefield and Call of Duty . This cool action movie is definitely worth playing for fans of space themes and unrestrained shooting.

The dream of the protagonist – to acquire his own iron horse in the form of a controlled titan – has come true. The goal is to smash something like the Death Star. The life of the militia and another 40 million people depends on the success of the operation.

Well-designed levels, the search for original solutions make the gameplay varied and exciting: here you will have to use all the mechanics and strain your brain.

main parameters
genre First person shooter
Platforms Computer (Windows).
PlayStation 4.
Xbox One.
Control Keyboard and mouse.
Modes 1. single user;
2. multiplayer;
3. cooperative.

BioShock: The Collection

An explosive mix of RPG shooter and science fiction. This is a reissue of the famous trilogy. Both desktop and console people will be able to appreciate the masterpiece in the updated format.

Major improvements:

  1. Cool visual changes: the first part of the series has changed more noticeably than the others. It has been significantly improved. Since the project came out quite a long time ago, it would not be enough to simply tighten the resolution. Now it is a product perfectly optimized for the modern requirements of gamers with a nice looking picture.
  2. When immersed in the updated Rapture, the gamer experiences all the same indescribable emotions, as in the case of the original, only with the appropriate quality of special effects and textures. The work on lighting effects is also worth noting.
  3. There are no complaints about the level of optimization: at 1080p, the player gets a stable 60 FPS. The age of the projects is almost imperceptible, since the developers also worked on graphics and animation. On a good monitor, the picture is of the highest class.
  4. Bioshock Infinite, the youngest game, has not changed much, but playing it with a gamepad on PS4 is a pleasure, which is confirmed by feedback from gamers. Even after passing the levels more than once or twice, you still manage to find something new and interesting.

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Which shooter to play is up to the gamer to decide. All shooters that are included in this rating are able to give great impressions both from the picture and from the gameplay. There are no exclusive projects in the top, so you can play even on the latest consoles, even on a good gaming PC or laptop.

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