Black salt

Black salt of volcanic origin. The name it receives is due to its particular pink-black appearance. This salt comes from India and has a fairly strong flavor (which is especially due to its high sulfur content). The chemical composition of the black salt include minerals such as iron , sodium chloride , potassium chloride and sulfur compounds in considerable amounts.


The Hawaiian black salt or Black Pearl is collected manually on the island of Molokai, it is composed of sea salt and activated charcoal. After a refined process, they achieve a coarse-grained, shiny salt with a crisp texture.

Unlike common table salt or other lesser-known salts, black salt has a relatively low salting power and is completely odorless, this salt has a flavor reminiscent of cooked egg yolk. The consistency of black salt is very smooth (it is marketed as a fine ready-to-use powder). It is used in a wide variety of Indian dishes. In fact, this is the salt that is recommended in Ayurvedic medicine.


  • It is the authentic salt used in Indian cuisine dishes as well as in Ayurvedic medicine. It is often used by people who have been banned from sodium due to blood pressure. It is believed that it is a remedy against heartburn (antacid) and flatulence. Due to its sulfurous flavor, it is appreciated by the vegan community to imitate, or add, egg flavor in some dishes.
  • It provides a clean, slightly smoked salty flavor, its aroma may seem sulphurous and its presentation on the plate, for fish or seafood finishes (great with carpaccios), potatoes or meats, always looking for the contrast of colors, is elegant and exotic. Many people also like to sprinkle some chunks of fresh fruit with this salt to further enhance the sweet taste of the fruit.
  • It is one of the most appreciated salts in haute cuisine, widely used by great chefs, we can also enjoy it at home. It is marketed in small glass containers with a cork stopper that, although they may seem small, give much of themselves. In the network there are several stores that have it, the price is around 5 euros.


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