Bizum for minors: how it works and how to contract it

Sharing the account, paying at certain stores and sending money has never been easier than with Bizum. Can your child use it?

Bizum for minors: how it works and how to contract it

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By Antonio Bret in Applications

05/04/2023 09:59

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In this article we are going to teach you everything about Bizum for minors : how it works, how to contract it and what applications you will need to make it work. Paying with the mobile is the order of the day and anyone with one can make purchases without using cards. And it is that the tasks that we can do with our own smartphone are multiplying. Even now it is possible to withdraw money at the ATM with the mobile without having to use the card . But that is another topic: here we are going to focus on the Bizum for minors.


  1. What is needed to use Bizum
  2. Can a child use Bizum?
  3. Which banks offer the ‘Bizum for minors’?
    1. BBVA
    2. bankinter
  4. What apps do I need for my children to use Bizum?

What is needed to use Bizum

To use Bizum, the only thing your child must have (we are talking about a child, to give an example to a minor) is a current account in a Spanish savings bank or bank. It’s that simple: Bizum is already so widespread that any bank includes it among its services. All you have to do to activate it is associate the child’s phone number to the account.

It is thanks to this telephone number that any of us, including minors, will be able to make a Bizum to another person who also has the service.

Can a child use Bizum?

Here we do enter swampy terrain because the answer varies depending on the bank or savings bank. For its part, Bizum does not set limits, either above or below, to use the service, so you will have to ask your bank or savings bank if they are the ones that limit the age to use it .

Bizum itself clarifies this in its frequently asked questions section, ensuring that the issue depends on each bank . It will be up to you as a parent or guardian to go to one of their offices, or call customer service, so that they can clear up your doubts.

In summary: children can use Bizum, but there is no ‘Bizum for minors’ as such. As a parent, you should assess whether to use one of the ‘accounts for teenagers’ offered by some banks or simply open a secondary account for him in your name for your children to use. In recent times, these types of ‘youth accounts’ associated with Bizum have emerged. Simply read the fine print of each of them and decide what is best for you in each case.

In short: if you ever see the phrase ‘Bizum for minors’ it is a commercial strategy. The Bizum for minors, as such, does not exist.

Which banks offer the ‘Bizum for minors’?

There are two national banks that have this special Bizum in their services.


Parents can open an account for their minor children from their own application. If you prefer to do it online, from here you can open a BBVA child account . This child account, which you can open for your children from 0 to 17 years old, offers Bizum from the age of 14 , as well as a debit card and the app that includes the mobile payment service.

Parents or guardians will be able to configure the maximum amount per Bizum, which is between 500 euros, which is the standard figure, or 50 euros, more appropriate for these ages. They will also be able to make payments in stores as long as you as a parent accept it.


Bankinter page

The other bank that offers a specific Bizum for teenagers is Bankinter. As in the previous case, this account is indicated for young people between the ages of 14 and 17 . You have all the information about this Bankinter account on its website , from there you can manage your Mini account (which is how Bankinter calls its young account modality) as well as the debit card, which will only be processed if you want .

What apps do I need for my children to use Bizum?

Bizum as such does not have an official application . Although we can already see it in the Play Store application store , it is still under development and is not accessible to everyone.

For your children to use Bizum, they must use the official application of their bank. In this case, either that of BBVA or that of Bankinter. In these tools you will be able to configure what your child can have access to, limit those uses that you do not see convenient and allow others


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