How to install Bizum

How to create a Bizum account and send or request money from a friend

Here we explain how to install Bizum and how to create an account and send or request money from a friend using the popular payment app for private users. And it is that Bizum has become a very popular application among thousands of users who need to make online payments simply and directly and at the moment, with all the security of the main banking entities. So much so, that thanks to Bizum it is possible to send money to someone else’s account in transactions of just a few seconds instead of having to wait several hours or days for the money to arrive with classic bank transfers. Therefore, and thanks to our guide, you will knowhow to install Bizum on your mobile to start sending or receiving money online.

How to install Bizum and create your account

Index of contents

  • What is Bizum
  • How to register in Bizum
  • How to send money with Bizum

And it is that with Bizum everything are advantages, from fast online money transfers to ease of registering and starting to operate . To use Bizum you will only have to know the telephone number of the user to whom you want to pay or request money and the bank linked to your account will take care of the rest.

What is Bizum

Bizum is an online system for sending money between private users, an alternative to the classic bank transfers and that competes with other online services such as PayPal . The main advantage of Bizum is that the money is sent and charged instantly regardless of the bank to which your account is linked. So much so, that Bizum is already fully integrated into the apps of the main banks, so it is not necessary to install any extra app beyond the application of your bank. All this to send and request money from other users in a direct and totally free way, without commissions or extra payments . The system also allows you to send money to NGOs.

Each bank puts its money limits on transfers, although it is usually between 50 euro cents and 150 euros per movement. Of course, some banks allow you to send higher amounts. Bizum is also compatible with online purchases by indicating your phone number to the online store that offers the service and validating the operation.

Of course, a Bizum account can only be linked to a single bank account and a single phone number ; If you want to change your Bizum account from one bank to another, you will first have to unsubscribe from the first bank and then register from the second bank. Bizum’s online security is total and is directly related to the security of the partner bank’s app. You will need your account details to access your bank’s app and a PIN to validate each operation, always verified with an SMS to the associated phone number.

How to register in Bizum

Each registration with Bizum depends on the bank associated with your account , so there is no universal guide to register with Bizum; To do this, you will only have to access your bank’s app and start operating with that service from the app. Below we provide you with the apps of the main banking entities in Spain on both iOS and Android:

  • CaixaBank| Access the CaixaBank mobile app and click on the Send money option in the main menu, where you can sign up for Bizum.
  • BBVA| Access the BBVA mobile app and click on the Activate your Bizum option.
  • Santander| Access the Santander mobile app and click on Transfers – One Pay – Sending to mobile; activates the Bizum option.
  • Bankia| Access the Bankia mobile app and click on the option Payment between Bizum friends.
  • Sabadell| Access the Sabadell Wallet mobile app and click on the Bizum option.
  • Kutxabank| Access the Kutxabank mobile app, click on the Send and receive money option and activate Bizum.
  • Unicaja| Access the Unicaja mobile app and click on the Payment or money transfer option to activate Bizum.
  • Ibercaja| Access the Ibercaja Pay mobile app and click on the Pay a friend option to activate Bizum.
  • EVO| Access the EVO Banco Móvil mobile app and activate Bizum; you can also download the standalone app EVO Bizum.
  • Deutsche Bank | Access the dbPay mobile app and activate the Bizum option.
  • Openbank| Access the Openbank App mobile app and activate Bizum in the More operations menu.

Whatever your chosen app to operate with your bank, you will have to look for the already integrated Bizum option and activate your account ; When you activate it, the app will fill in the fields associated with your bank account and you will only have to confirm your identity through an SMS that will reach your mobile when you sign up.

How to send money with Bizum

When you already have your Bizum account activated, you will only have to click on the Bizum option integrated with your bank’s app; once your user is registered, it will no longer be necessary to enter any more personal data. So much so, that only options will appear to pay with Bizum, receive money from others or make payments to NGOs.

Whether you want to send or receive money through Bizum, the screen will be the same; enter how much money you want to receive or send in the corresponding field, write a concept if you want along with a greater description or a photo so that the other user can identify you more quickly.

Finally, it will only be necessary to write the phone number of the person to whom you want to send the money to complete the process, either through the phonebook itself or by entering the phone number by hand. And that’s it, you can send and receive money in the most comfortable and fast way through Bizum.


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