Biological Diversity, Essential for Humans and the Life of the Planet

Nowadays there is a very important resource that is being lost due to man’s unconsciousness of not valuing this wealth for the ecological balance of the planet. This resource is essential because it is the result of the evolution of life for millions of years, so that man and all humanity must guarantee their protection for future generations.

Thus, biodiversity is a neologism composed of the terms bio (life) and diversity (variety). For biologists, biodiversity is the diversity of populations of organisms and species. For ecologists, it is also the diversity of durable interactions betwen species and their environment (the biotope) and the ecosystem in which they live.

In itself, biodiversity is called the set of all living beings and species that exist on earth and their interaction, which provides essential services as a fundamental part of the environment and providing for mankind raw materials, food, water, wood, fuels, climate regulation, medicines, among many ecological benefits for being a guarantor of ecosystems and natural landscapes to support life on the planet.

  Thus, living organisms are part of a whole, they interact with each other, but also with the elements air, water and the surrounding soil. Similarly, with the man who is the main cause and responsible for the extinction of the amount of diversity of species and ecosystems on earth.

On the other hand, biological diversity is lost by activities such as the elimination of living beings, natural habitats, pollution of ecosystems, irrational exploitation of air, water and soil resources, deforestation, introduction of invasive species, among many human activities of economic, social, political and cultural impact.

Consequently, the loss of biodiversity threatens supplies, reduction of environmental services, loss of ecosystem affecting the food chain, food security, vulnerability to natural disasters, recreation and tourism possibilities. Economic and social activities have endangered their existence at the rate of development and growth of human populations, generating the extinction of a high percentage of species.

On the other hand, the protection of biodiversity should be a topic of interest for all humanity. The conservation of it maintains the functions of ecosystems avoiding ecological imbalance. Biological resources are the pillars that sustain civilizations. Its products serve as a basis for industries as diverse as agriculture, cosmetics, horticulture, construction and waste treatment.

Without a doubt, to preserve and preserve biodiversity, we must preserve the natural ecosystems that are habitats for this diversity of species. That is, guaranteeing the conservation of ecosystems is maintaining the biodiversity of planet earth.

In this sense, humanity has to act immediately to stop the environmental problem of the loss of biodiversity, either through environmental education that raises awareness about the value that it represents to maintain the balance in nature, as well as also promote organic farming, sustainably consume, recycle, implement the 3Rs of recycling, do not use plastic bags, buy organic products, use the bicycle, save energy, support environmental organizations and groups, denounce the authorities illegally beforehand environmental, among other measures that you can start right now to preserve the variety of species around you.

Having said all this, man as an essential part of this diversity, must guarantee the ecological balance in nature and for this all humanity has to conserve and protect both biological diversity and ecosystems, as a wealth that must be valued by citizens Of each country.

Finally, societies must conserve diversity, since it represents an ecological capital of climate self-regulation and it must be taken into account in any activity that man develops. In short, the use and benefit of it has contributed in many ways to the development of humanity and represents a source of wealth for present and future generations.

by Abdullah Sam
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