What Is Biblical Stewardship In Christianity?

Biblical Stewardship is our heritage as sons of God. It reaches into every phase of our Christian life. We are God’s stewards over all things that he entrusts into our care such as time, talent, faith and service. Ministers of the gospel many times are prone to neglect the financial phase of the church, but this is not possible nor advisable, because God’s blessing is only promised to the church that is obedient to His will.

It is not enough to simply get enough money to operate the church, but it is more important for people to realize that it plays a very necessary part in their worship. The first thing we must understand is that a Christian is a steward and not an owner. This is the hardest part to make clear as many professing Christians claim ownership over all that they have and even speak Of “giving” their tithe whereas the Bible calls it “paying” tithes.

There are others that are very careful to pay their tithe but after that, they feel whatever is left is theirs to use in any way they choose. But if Christians today would study Cod’s word, they would become convinced that all they have belongs to God, that they have no claim except as a steward to hold and dispose of it as they feel it would be pleasing to God. When a faithful steward realizes that the method of tithing is literally that of taking one-tenth of his income and depositing it in the Lord’s treasury, he will be glad to do it, instead of feeling that whoever appeals to him for the work of God is trying to get his money away from him.

Rather, he will feel that everyone who presents to him the interests of God’s kingdom is helping him to find a way to discharge his obligation to God. Jesus called his Ministers to be stewards of truth and one phase of that stewardship is in relation to money. Just as one must preach repentance with much emphasis and repetition, so also must he preach on the money question frequently.


Literally, a steward is the guardian of the interests of another. The steward owns nothing, but is careful to guard, protect, and increase the property of the one whom he serves. It is true that we are stewards of our time, talent, strength, and ability as well as our money. But our faithfulness in tithing is in reality the greatest test of our stewardship because the fleshly nature desires money more than anything else, that it might be exalted.

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