How Acne Begins;5 Medical Facts You Must Know

How Acne Begins?.The skin is made up of three layers: the subcutaneous layer (or fatty tissue); the dermis (which houses the blood vessels. nerves, sweat glands, and follicles): and the epidermis (which covers the dermis and serves as the skin’s “overcoat”). Running through the dermis is the connective tissue that. as its name implies, is the supporting structure of the dermis.

How Acne Begins;5 Medical Facts You Must Know

While the sweat glands have a direct opening to the surface Of the skin, the Oil (or sebaceous) glands are not quite as fortunate. The oil (or sebum) produced in these glands must find its way to the skin’s surface via a follicle or pore. some Of which contain hair. This is where the trouble can get its start. If the cells that line these follicles stick together instead of sloughing off (as they do under normal conditions). acne begins, and all forms of acne initiate in the very same manner.

How Acne Begins? Why Do I Get Acne


This earliest form of acne plug is not visible to the naked eye. Nonetheless, microcomedones are insidious and can (and Often do) lead to more serious things.


This more advanced stage of the microcomedo is also called a whitehead. Since there is almost no opening at the surface. the closed comedo must never be squeezed; in so doing, you would Only force its contents deeper into the skin and run the risk of scarring.


Better known as the blackhead, the open comedo is an acne plug with an opening at the surface. Because Of this fact. the contents of the blackhead can usually be emptied by exerting gentle pressure on both of its sides. (Be sure to first steam skin for 15 minutes.) Always use your index fingers. making sure they’re wrapped With tissues before you start _ (NOTE: Never use a “comedo extractor” to remove blackheads, as these instruments can do serious damage to the surrounding skin.) If the material doe; not come out easily, don’t force it! Follow with a dab of 3% hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball.

Blackheads are not caused by dirt. Their darkish color comes partially from the Oxidation of the sebum and partially from the skin’s own pigment or melanin. Therefore, blackheads cannot simply be washed away.


A small red bump that peaks with a yellowish car, of pus is known as a pustule. It is basically a comedo thal has ruptured. and when this happens. your body’s white blood cells rush in like the infantry to fight the foreign invaders,” which include bacteria, oil, and dead cells. You may try to drain this type of acne lesion and. if properly done. this process Will greatly accelerate the healing of the area.

First,make sure your hands are scrupulously clean. Next. sterilize a needle by holding il in the flame Of a match for a few seconds. Alter the needle has cooled. puncture the pustule in the exact center Of the yellowish cap. With index lingers wrapped in tissue. gently squeeze the sides the lesion. Slop when the pus no longer comes out easily. If you force it, you Will drive the material deeper into the skin and greatly increase the likelihood Of permanent scarring. NOW place a warm compress (a clean washcloth soaked in warm water will do) over the area for a few minutes and finish by pressing with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol, Warm-water soaks can and should be repeated several times daily until the lesion has healed. The warm water increases the now Of blood to the area and speeds up the healing process.

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