What does the Bible say about magic?

Yes, magic exists but it is not what it seems and we should not practice magic. All magic is bad, there is no white magic, without negative effects. The Bible forbids any kind of practice related to magic.

What is magic?

Magic is trying to manipulate the world to your advantage using supernatural forces. Magic includes:

  • Spells
  • Contact Spirits
  • Necromancy (talking to the dead)
  • Predict the future

There are many different groups and religions that practice magic and each has different beliefs about where the power of magic comes from and how it should be practiced. Some “practitioners” of magic are artists or con artists, who create illusions that look supernatural but are not. But others do magic seriously.

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What does the Bible say about magic?

The Bible condemns any practice of magic. Practicing magic is sin and is repugnant to God ( Deuteronomy 18: 10-12 ). The power of magic does not come from God. Whoever practices magic commits idolatry, because it gives glory to something other than God.

Practicing magic is very dangerous. The Bible says that the power of magic comes from demons ( 1 Corinthians 10:20 ). Those who practice magic may think that they are dealing with good spiritual forces but they are actually demons. Even “white magic” has a much higher price than it seems. Many people involved in “harmless” magic end up suffering many problems in life caused by the influence of demons.

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The Bible talks about some cases of people who practiced magic:

  • Pharaoh’s magicians– managed to imitate some of the miracles that God did through Moses but ended up recognizing that God is more powerful – Exodus 7: 10-12 ; Exodus 8: 18-19
  • The medium of En-Dor– invoked the spirit of the late prophet Samuel at the request of King Saul but was filled with fear when the spirit really appeared! – 1 Samuel 28: 11-14
  • Simon the magician– practiced magic before hearing about Jesus; he tried to buy the gift of giving the Holy Spirit to use as magic and was punished by God – see here: who was Simon the magician?

These cases show that magic has power but is nothing compared to the power of God.

What is the difference between magic and miracles?

Magic is trying to manipulate spiritual forces to do your will. Miracles are acts of God, which He does because it is His will. No one can compel God to perform a miracle. When God uses someone to perform a miracle, that person is just obeying God’s will. No believer can perform a miracle if it is not God’s will.

Magic focuses on the goals of the person doing the magic. Miracles focus on God’s goals. There are no rituals or magic formulas for performing miracles. God performs miracles as He wants, using whoever He wants.

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