Best Ways to Check a Checkbox in a Word Document

Ever wondered what is the best way to check a checkbox in word documents on Mac or Windows? Well, there are several different ways to do this process. You can use a custom bulleted list or content control to insert checkboxes into your Word document. Also, for those who just want to insert a checkbox into a Word document to control the print checkbox next to each item, this can also be done. There are two ways to add checkbox controls, and how you use them determines which method you use.

Insert checkbox in Word: print method only

If you plan to print your list and use a pen or pencil to mark each item as you fill it, you can add checkbox controls instead of bullets. The following will help you insert checkbooks into a print-only word:

  1. Select a list.
  2. Click the Home tab, if necessary.
  3. Click the Bullets drop-down menu in the Paragraph group.
  4. Select Define New Brand from the drop-down list.
  5. In the dialog box that appears, click Symbol.
  6. From the Font drop-down list, select Wingdings.
  7. Check the box on the first line.
  8. Click OK twice.

In some versions of Microsoft Word, when you right-click the list and choose Bullets and Numberings from the context menu that appears. Choose any marker style and click Customize. In the dialog box that opens, click “Character”. Continue from step 6 above.

Word will replace the default marker with the selected checkbox. This particular symbol won’t let you check anything in a real document, but it’s great for printing.

Insert checkbox in Word: content management

Also, if you want to check a checkbox in a Word document, use a content control. Using Content Control allows you to select a check box in Microsoft Word. These controls are available on the Developer tab, which is not displayed by default. To display the Developer tab, if necessary, do the following:

  1. Right-click anywhere in the ribbon background and select Customize Ribbon.
  2. Check the Developer item in the list on the right.
  3. Click OK.

Once the Developer tab is available, you can add a checkbox content control as shown below:

  1. Place the cursor where you want to place the first control. (Do not select the entire element; this will delete the element).
  2. Click the Developer tab.
  3. Click the checkbox content control in the Controls group
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