Best VPNs for Gaming 2023

Check out the best VPNs for gaming . A complete guide to playing online with PC, Xbox, PS4 and more with the best VPN.

The ease with which you can access and use an online service exposes you to potential cyber threats in some cases. Although browsing certified web pages protected by the https protocol can give you good security, you may often find yourself on pages more exposed to cyber attacks .

It is no coincidence that in recent years more and more people are using a VPN to browse the Internet , limiting cyber attacks to a minimum and guaranteeing personalized geolocation . Although a VPN is the ideal solution to protect yourself on the web, it is undeniable that not all of them are suitable for using services such as cloud gaming or smart working .

Today we will deal with gaming VPNs , i.e. Virtual Private Networks that allow you to play multiplayer video games without losing performance and obtaining low latency . We recommend that you also read the articles on the best free VPNs and the best VPN Italy .



  • What are the best VPNs for gaming
    • NordVPN
    • ExpressVPN
    • CyberGhost
    • Atlas VPN
    • IP Vanish VPN
    • Surfshark
  • Why use a VPN for gaming

What are the best VPNs for gaming

There are so many VPN services you can choose from, but for gaming the number is drastically reduced. Unfortunately, the characteristics that a VPN of this kind must have are specific and it is better to focus on the optimal ones rather than relying on multifunctional software. Let’s look at the six best VPNs for gaming .

  1. NordVPN

An alternative for gamers looking for a reliable VPN for both gaming and all other web activities is NordVPN . This service allows you to benefit from over 5500 servers in 60 different countries . By choosing this Virtual Private Network you will be able to take advantage of an excellent system for integrating with your web browser, in fact, you will be able to install an extension in your web browser and monitor navigation without problems.

Analyzing the pros of this VPN we certainly find versatile and fast servers with low latency , as well as easy and intuitive management of servers located all over the world, even for those who have never used a program of this kind. A strong point is also to be found in the real-time display of ping values ​​on the various servers , to which is added the installation of the VPN inside the gaming router on Xbox or PlayStation. The only discordant note is to highlight the impossibility of choosing specific servers, but only positional ones, i.e. you can choose the country, but not the server to connect to.

Subscription Plans:

2 years :

  • Complete: €3.99/month + 3 extra months free
  • Plus: €5.19/month + 3 extra months free
  • Standard: €6.69/month + 3 extra months free

1 year :

  • Complete: €4.59/month + 3 extra months free
  • Plus: €5.79/month + 3 extra months free
  • Standard: €7.29/month + 3 extra months free

1 month :

  • Complete: €12.99/month
  • Plus: €14.19/month
  • Standard: €15.69/month


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  1. ExpressVPN

When you need a gaming VPN, it’s hard not to choose Express VPN , a solution created to meet the needs of more expert gamers. This software allows you to take advantage of over 3000 servers in 94 countries , providing you with the installation for desktop PCs and integrating perfectly with the operating system, be it Windows, Mac, Linux, Android or iOS.

Highlights include a built-in speed tester and ping detection , blazing fast servers , console installation, and great 24/7 customer support . On the other hand there is the cost, which unfortunately is not among the cheapest.

Subscription plans :

  • 12 months (+ 3 months free): €6.26/month
  • 6 months: €9.38/month
  • 1 month: €12.52/month

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  1. CyberGhost

VPN on the rise is CyberGhost , a solution available on Windows PC, Mac, Linux and mobile devices with a 45-day money-back guarantee. The software allows you to benefit from DDoS protection and an integrated NAT Firewall , guaranteeing you not only maximum security, but also connection speed and stability.

The VPN has more than 7000 servers in 89 countries and thanks to the 256-bit encryption it is among the most interesting for online gaming. The pros include the number of servers available, DDoS protection and ease of use of the application. On the other hand, there is no advanced options system for experts.

Subscription plans :

  • 2 years (+ 2 extra months free): €2.19/month
  • 6 months: €6.99/month
  • 1 month: €11.99/month

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  1. Atlas VPN

Not everyone knows Atlas VPN , but it can be the ideal solution for gamers who like to play cloud gaming . In addition to being able to install the VPN on Windows PC, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS, you can also install it on FireTV , improving the gaming experience even on older televisions.

The software has excellent speeds , with low ping and is among the best when it comes to streaming on online platforms . In addition to these features, it offers you some very interesting pros, such as: WireGuard protocol , 256-bit AES encryption, no-logs , cross-platform and ease of use. On the other hand, there is the number of countries available, just over 30.

It is among the cheapest VPNs for gaming.

Subscription plan (with coupon code BIGDEAL ) :

  • 2 years: €1.92/month + 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 1 year: €3.07/month
  • 1 month: €11.22/month

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  1. IP Vanish VPN

If the Virtual Private Networks recommended up to now weren’t to your liking, you might think about trying IPVanish , a software developed for gamers and more. Thanks to the management of over 1900 servers in more than 50 countries , including Italy, this program guarantees you servers created and controlled by the company itself, i.e. unrelated to other companies. As you can imagine, a solution of this kind allows you to lower latencies and promptly intervene on possible problems with the proprietary computer system.

But in addition to proprietary network management, IPVanish has the following advantages: filtering and verification of pings in different countries , automatic connection to servers with the lowest latency and unmatched connection stability. The cons is to be found in the impossibility of using the VPN with a location in China, unfortunately it is not possible to access this country.

Subscription plans :

  • 1 year: €3.90/month + 30-day money-back guarantee

  • 2 years: €3.36/month + 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 1 month: €10.49/month

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  1. Surfshark

Usually those who do not choose NordVPN rely on Surfshark to play online, this platform offers excellent performance and a particularly low cost . Surfshark has more than 3200 servers in 65 different countries and allows you to benefit from low latency and a fast connection .

The software policy focuses on 256-bit encryption and no-logs , limiting computer problems and accesses from multiple devices to a minimum . We can therefore include among the pros a high speed to play any type of online game, a large network of servers and excellent general security . Also interesting is the presence of the Whitelister function present in the application for Android and Windows. Unfortunately, it should be noted that some servers are much faster than others, so you will have to work hard to find the one that best suits your needs.

Subscription plans :

  • 24 months: €2.30/month + 2 extra months free
  • 12 months: €3.99/month
  • 1 month: €12.95/month

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Why use a VPN for gaming

The reasons that can push you to install a gaming VPN are different and in many cases related to geographical limits . Indeed, when a company releases a video game in digital format, be it for video game consoles or for PC, it establishes a time in which you can download it. As you can imagine, in Italy there is a different time zone from other countries, this also affects the release time of the game. A title released in Italy at 00.00 on February 20 will be downloadable 6 hours earlier in another country with a time zone 6 hours ahead.

By accessing a VPN you will be able to free yourself from geographical limitations and access the video game sooner . But in addition to this aspect, you can also benefit from greater protection from DDoS attacks and hacker attacks , also adding Discord unlocks or access to cloud gaming not present in Italy.



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