What to do when your best seller quits

In any business scenario there is that person who stands out. Someone who put the pieces together the right way and understood how to achieve the goals in the best way.

This person usually makes a big difference to the end result. Due to their resourcefulness, their results are sometimes twice as high as the team average.

This salesperson exists in many places and, sooner or later, he will want to leave the company.

The first step when that time comes is to understand why your salesperson is leaving.

Why do good salespeople quit?

There are some reasons that can influence your best salesperson to leave the company, the most common are:

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  1. They don’t believe in the sales manager’s methods
  2. They are tired of fighting to apply their vision and to get better
  3. They do not receive the necessary recognition
  4. They are too tired, being the best still doesn’t seem to be enough, there are always more responsibilities coming
  5. Internal politics destroyed the quality of the work environment
  6. They want to grow even more, and the company’s structure does not support this growth

Regardless of the reason, it is important to know if the salesperson’s departure is a management problem for the company or just a new incompatibility with its goals and ambitions.

This observation is unlikely to help with this loss, but it can prevent new talent from leaving the boat.

Don’t take it personally

As much as the company’s daily relationship is one of friendship and companionship, the decision to leave the job cannot be taken by the staff. Seeking new opportunities cannot be seen by the sales manager as a betrayal or breach of trust. With the exception of cases where a prior agreement existed, the manager must understand that the decision on the future itself must be prioritized by his seller.

Taking the personal side of the issue will only create wear and tear and make transitions difficult.

Reassess your management

It is important to be honest with yourself. Observe the way you manage the team and understand why someone would be dissatisfied or willing to leave your team.

Observe the definition of goals, the way you deal with problems and the freedom you deliver to the team members. Understand what may be doing harm to the point of influencing your best salesperson to leave the company.

This process of self-criticism is important and must be done without attachment to the ego, without trying to blame those who are leaving. It is easy to say that “the person couldn’t take it”, “he didn’t have a profile” or “he doesn’t know what he’s missing” simply to not accept that he made a mistake.

Beware of the counter-proposal

The resignation process involves many factors and reflections. Someone who has reached that point and decided he would like to leave has already made the decision.

Unless the only reason for leaving is the need for a higher salary, the counter offer will only hold the seller for a short period of time, until dissatisfaction and problems start to return.

And the second time the dissatisfaction comes back with even more force.

Before he left …

Use the salesperson’s last weeks of work to transfer knowledge and responsibilities. It is important that, on the last day, all tasks are already redistributed, customers transferred to another portfolio and every detail of business in progress is transferred and updated in CRM .

As much as the contact with the ex-salesman will not disappear, the tendency is that your time becomes scarce and asking for help for specific details turns out to be increasingly difficult.

Another important action for the exit period is for other salespeople to contact key customers to notify them of the change and ensure that there is no loss of strength in the relationship, giving continuity to the business.

The departure of a prominent salesperson is always a difficult time for the company, but there are some ways to make the impact as small as possible.

The choice of a good CRM is made so that these transitions have less and less impact. With all the information entered in the system, there is no longer any risk that the seller will take the customer portfolio with him to the next company, the relationship information is up to date and the entire interaction history will be available for the next seller to proceed with the negotiations.

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