Best Restaurants to Order Food in Logroño

Best Restaurants to Order Food in Logroño The southern area of ​​Bilbao is one of the most beautiful destinations in northern Spain . Imagine combining the Co-Cathedral of Santa María la Redonda, the Museum of La Rioja and the Paseo del Espolón with the best restaurants in Logroño at home. The result will undoubtedly be something spectacular, so it is important that you know the best restaurants to order food in Logroño .

The restaurants prepare the best delicacies that Logroño has to offer , such as Rioja-style potatoes, lamb chops with vine shoots or caparrones. Next, we will tell you which are the best places to order Chinese, Mexican and homemade food at home .


  1. Best places to order food delivery in Logroño
  2. Chinese food delivery restaurants in Logroño
  3. Best Mexican food delivery places in Logroño
  4. Cookinshop: The best option for homemade food

Best places to order food delivery in Logroño

If you fancy a world famous and monotonous dish, the KFC at CC Parque Rioja should be at the top of your list. It goes without saying that the menu is delicious with its different varieties of chicken, and the 2 for 1 promotions make a visit to this American restaurant even more bearable.

On the other hand, if you want to order Japanese food at home , Yoshi Japanese Restaurant on Victoria Street is the place to go. From the seafood salads to the gyozas to the prawn tempura, they are all dream dishes.

In addition, the food delivery offers are simply the best in the business. With a minimum purchase of 10 euros, you save 3 euros on the entire menu . Ordering food at home in Logroño with Yoshi is very comfortable.

Chinese food delivery restaurants in Logroño

Speaking of Asian food culture, Shanghai Chinese Restaurant has the best menu and layout on the scene. The fried wan tun, the Chinese salad or the crab salad are some of the levels or products that are part of an ocean of possibilities. It is located on Calle Chile and is allied with Uber Eats .

If your palate prefers healthy food and a restaurant with a larger offer, you should try Sushicatessen . Don’t let the name fool you, because here the sushi is the lesser of evils.

Hawaiian food, vegetarian food, desserts, salads or stews in general with a Logroño touch are spectacular dishes. You just have to go to Víctor Pradera street or order a delivery with Uber Eats .

Best Mexican food delivery places in Logroño

Quintana Roo and La Katrina are the names to remember if you want to order Mexican food of this type in Logroño. La Katrina is located on Vitoria street and awaits its demanding clientele with its specialty, nachos . The salads and tacos also leave nothing to the imagination when ordering one of these delicacies.

In contrast, Quintana Roo is located on Avenida Club Deportivo and basically offers almost the same menu as La Katrina. The most notable difference is the unique touch and the gourmet decoration of the restaurant , which makes it the first option for more formal dinners on important dates in the house.

Cookinshop: The best option for homemade food

It is a small and cozy restaurant on Calle Huesca in Logroño , which at first glance gives off a family atmosphere. On the menu, the house specialty stands out, the Tres Delicias rice, and the chicken burger in cheese sauce .

Although the restaurant has facilities that need to be updated or improved, we can say that this is the least of its problems. Its delivery service is fully operational on the phone 941 27 51 78 .

In conclusion, with this guide you will be able to find the best restaurants to order food at home in Logroño safely and quickly.


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