Best Food Processor 2022: Buying Guide

Those who cook for themselves or their families every day know very well how long it takes to organize all food preparation. Although you may think that you can do everything alone, when you have more guests at home you feel the need for help.

It is no coincidence that more and more people are choosing a food processor to facilitate food preparation and speed up the most common operations. However, not all kitchen robots are identical to each other, often you could rely on the wrong device and not satisfy your needs.

In the next few lines we will take a look at the best food processor on the market, analyzing models and features to look for. We recommend that you also take a look at related articles on the best mixers and the best air fryer .


  • Ranking best food processors
  • Multifunctional food processor
    • Moulinex FP2461
    • Kenwood FDM71.450SS
  • Compact food processor
    • Bosch MCM3501M and MSM67170 ErgoMixx Hand Blender
    • Bosch MultiTalent 3 compact food processor
  • Multifunction cooking food processor
    • Multifunctional Food Processor hhnn
    • Arebos 6-in-1 Multifunctional Food Processor Mixer
  • Thermomix type food processor
    • Moulinex HF4568K
    • Cecotec Mambo 12090
  • Best food processor brands
    • Robot da cucina Kenwood
    • Robot da cucina Moulinex
    • Bosch food processor
    • Braun food processor
    • Philips food processor
  • How to choose the best food processor
    • Size and shape
    • Motor power and watts
    • Features and accessories
    • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Frequent questions
    • How much can a food processor cost
    • What can be done with a food processor
    • What power a food processor must have
    • How much does a food processor consume
    • Difference between planetary and food processor

Ranking best food processors

Although you may think that the food processors are all the same, in reality it is possible to find different types on the market. To make the guide much more linear we will take a look at the most sought after models by reference category.

Multifunctional food processor

If you were looking for a food processor that can serve you different tasks, then you should go for a multifunctional device . Let’s see the best models.

Moulinex FP2461

The Moulinex FP2461  is a real All-in-One food processor, with a 2.4 liter tank, a 700W motor and 6 accessories to be used for the 25 functions available . Specifically, the robot can: blend, mince, knead and grate. An excellent solution if you don’t want to spend too much, but always have an effective product available. The Moulinex FP2461 is currently one of the most requested food processors by those who do not have too great needs.


Moulinex FP2461 Easy Force All-in-One Multifunction Food Processor, 2.4 Liters, 700 W, 6 Accessories for 25 Functions, Blender and Chopper Robot for Slicing, Kneading, Grating, Emulsifying

106,00 EUR −49,52 EUR 56,48 EUR

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Kenwood FDM71.450SS

You have surely heard of the Kenwood company , for years it has been making products for the kitchen with an excellent quality-price ratio . With the FDM71.450SS model, the company offers you the best multifunction kitchen robot capable of carrying out all the most important operations for food preparation. There are 8 accessories in the pack, thanks to the 3-liter container you can prepare dishes even for an important number of people. This 1000 Watt food processor allows you an excellent working capacity, especially for the dough.

Kenwood FDM71.450SS MultiPro Express Weigh Food Processor with 8 Dedicated Accessories, Adjustable Speed ​​with Pulse Function, Integrated Digital Scale, 3L Capacity,, Silver

160,00 EUR

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Compact food processor

In case you have limited space in the kitchen, then you could opt for a compact food processor . Surely you will not have an extremely large container, but you will still be able to optimize food preparation. Let’s see the models to focus on.

Bosch MCM3501M and MSM67170 ErgoMixx Hand Blender

The MCM3501M model from Bosch features a 2.3 liter bowl and a motor with a maximum power of 800W. Among its strengths is the speed adjustment function, although there are only 2 you can manage them in the best way thanks to manual adjustment. Inside the package there are various accessories, from the blade for grinding and cutting to a stainless steel disc for kneading. Associated with this sale is the ErgoMixx Hand Blender model MSM67170 with excellent power for blending, mixing, shredding or kneading thanks to the 750W motor, 12-speed and Turbo function.


Bosch Home Appliances MultiTalent 3 Multifunction Food Processors, 800 W, 2.3 L Bowl, Black Silver

149,00 EUR −49,01 EUR 99,99 EUR

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Bosch MultiTalent 3 compact food processor

The Bosch MultiTalent 3 model is certainly one of the best compact multifunction food processors . With this device you can take advantage of up to 20 different functions . Thanks to the 800W motor, the two speeds and the 2.3 liter bowl you will have everything you want to process food. The robot allows you to grab, cut, grate and knead.


Bosch MultiTalent 3 Compact Multifunction Food Processor – Over 20 Functions, 800W, 2 Speeds, 2.3L Bowl, Slicing, Cutting and Grating Disc, Kneading Blade and Whipping Disc

99,90 EUR −29,00 EUR 70,90 EUR

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Multifunction cooking food processor

Some food processors have cooking as their main function . The choice of this type of product is among the most complex, so let’s see which one to aim for in order not to find a device that does not guarantee the right functionality.

Multifunctional Food Processor hhnn

This hhnn food processor , in addition to having an attractive aesthetic, is particularly versatile and economical . Its kneading, grinding, mixing and cutting abilities are excellent, especially if you want a dough blade that is tough. Although the hhnn ‘s motor is only 500W, you will have everything you want for food preparation, as well as a good supply of accessories, even if not on the level of the products reviewed previously.


Multifunctional Food Processor, Kneader with Stainless Steel Blade, Pasta Blade, Used for Grinding, Mixing, Cutting and Preparing Baby Food

69,99 EUR −16,00 EUR 53,99 EUR

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Arebos 6-in-1 Multifunctional Food Processor Mixer

If you have a slightly bigger budget, then you could go for the Arebos 6-in-1 . This device has a 1500W motor and several cool features. Inside the package you will also find pasta hooks, a 1.5 liter shaker and a 5.5 liter stainless steel bowl. The 6 levels available guarantee you excellent versatility, but its strong point is the meat grinder function .

Arebos 6-in-1 Mixer Multifunctional Food Processor 1500W | Cream | Meat Grinder | Pasta Hooks | 1.5L Shaker | 6 Levels | 5.5 liter stainless steel bowl | Professional Planetary Mixer

159,90 EUR

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Thermomix type food processor

In recent years, more and more people love to choose a Thermomix as a food processor, its ability to cook complete meals make it a product to try at least. In the past, if you know our site, we have already talked about the Silvercrest food processor and Monsieur Cuisine Plus . But there is not only this type of robot, in fact, more and more cooks are wondering what to buy instead of the Thermomix? Let’s see the models to be evaluated for the purchase.

Moulinex HF4568K

Excellent food processor is the HF4568K model designed by Moulinex . In two simple clicks it will be possible to prepare ready-made recipes, making the most of the 1400W motor and the 3.6 liter bowl. The robot allows you to adjust the temperature from 30-150 ° C and to use automatic or manual programs . Inside the package there are 7 accessories and also a recipe book with more than 200 recipes .

Moulinex HF4568K ClickChef Multifunction Food Processor, Ready Recipes in 2 Clicks, 1400 W, 3.6 L, 30-150 ° C, 5 Automatic Programs and Manual Mode, 7 Accessories, Recipe Book Included (200 Recipes)

279,00 EUR

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Cecotec Mambo 12090

If your desire is to have a food processor that can last you for many years and is able to prepare food perfectly, then the Mambo 12090 version by Cecotec could be for you. A 1700W motor , a TFT display , a dedicated app and 30 functions will guarantee you maximum versatility. The robot also has a stainless steel jug and a scale, always very useful for optimizing preparation times.


Cecotec Mambo 12090 multifunction food processor. 1700 W, App, TFT display, 30 functions, scale, dishwasher safe stainless steel jug.

399,00 EUR −16,10 EUR 382,90 EUR

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Best food processor brands

Here are in detail the best brands of food processors on which it is worth betting.

Robot da cucina Kenwood


Kenwood CCL401WH kCook Multi Smart Food Processor Food Processor with Cooking Function, 10 Accessories Included, Stainless Steel / Plastic, White

849,90 EUR −446,48 EUR 403,42 EUR

Kenwood FDM71.450SS MultiPro Express Weigh Food Processor with 8 Dedicated Accessories, Adjustable Speed ​​with Pulse Function, Integrated Digital Scale, 3L Capacity,, Silver

EASY TO CLEAN Dishwasher safe accessories

160,00 EUR

Robot da cucina Moulinex


Moulinex HF80CBK Companion XL Multifunctional Food Processor, 1500 W, 3L, from 30 to 150 ° C, 12 Automatic Programs and Manual Mode, 6 Dedicated Accessories, Personal Recipes Through the App

699,99 EUR −85,03 EUR 614,96 EUR

Moulinex HF4568K ClickChef Multifunction Food Processor, Ready Recipes in 2 Clicks, 1400 W, 3.6 L, 30-150 ° C, 5 Automatic Programs and Manual Mode, 7 Accessories, Recipe Book Included (200 Recipes)

279,00 EUR

Bosch food processor


Bosch Home Appliances MultiTalent 3 Multifunction Food Processors, 800 W, 2.3 L Bowl, Black Silver

149,00 EUR −49,01 EUR 99,99 EUR


Bosch Household Appliances Multifunction Compact 1250 W Food Processor, 3.9 L Bowl With Cutting Accessories, Aluminum

236,90 EUR −52,90 EUR 184,00 EUR

Braun food processor


Braun FP 3010 Kitchen Robot, 600 W, Bianco

Button function; Dishwasher safe components; Tray capacity of 1.75 L; Five speeds

133,28 EUR −28,39 EUR 104,89 EUR


Braun Fx3030 Food Processor, 600 W, 35 Decibel, Plastic Stainless Steel, White

Intelligent “side-by-side” bowl system for maximum convenience; Electronic variable speed control (15 levels)

210,00 EUR −59,75 EUR 150,25 EUR

Philips food processor


Philips Food Processor – 1300W, 32+ Functions, 3.4L Bowl, PowerChop, Stainless Steel Blade and Discs (HR7778 / 00)

329,99 EUR −85,00 EUR 244,99 EUR


Philips Compact Food Processor – 850W, 31 Functions, 2.1L Bowl, PowerChop, Stainless Steel Blade (HR7530 / 10)

149,99 EUR −10,00 EUR 139,99 EUR

How to choose the best food processor

So far we have analyzed what are the best multifunctional food processors on the market, but how to choose the most suitable one? Let’s see the features to consider for a careful purchase.

Size and shape

The food processors are in many cases made with different shapes , you can choose an oval or a rectangular bowl . More than the shape, which also determines its capacity, it is important to pay attention to the dimensions of the machine. On the market there are both compact and large models , in the first case it is smart to buy them if you have a small kitchen, in the second case it is the ideal solution for a business context, or for a very large family.

Motor power and watts

One is often led to choose a food processor with a very high wattage . Although this value is synonymous with greater processing power, there is not always the need for this electrical consumption. A 750W robot can do just fine for most jobs, while you might choose more power if you were to use the robot for work.

Features and accessories

When choosing the best multifunctional food processor, one is led to think that it can perform all the most common functions , such as cutting, mincing, grinding, kneading and so on. In reality, not all robots can perform these functions, often only a few of them. Added to this are also the accessories , essential elements to work in the best way.

Cleaning and maintenance

When using a food processor you may encounter particularly tedious maintenance and cleaning. Spending half an hour cleaning the bowl is definitely not pleasant. Choosing a device that can guarantee ease of assembly and cleaning will help you speed up all operations in the kitchen. Try to pay attention also to the assistance service of a product of this kind, in order to be able to intervene with a quick replacement in case it should break.

Frequent questions

How much can a food processor cost

Below are the prices of the food processors for the various types of range:

  • Mid-range: 100 – 299 euros.
  • Medium-high range: 300 – 499 euros.
  • High range: 500-1,000 euros.

What can be done with a food processor

The food processors are used to help in the kitchen in the basic operations, such as: mincing, blending, kneading but also cooking recipes from A to Z.

What power a food processor must have

For mid-range models usually around 600 Watts. If, on the other hand, you are looking for models capable of performing more complex processes, then you can also buy one of 1,000 Watts.

How much does a food processor consume

Food processors with a power of 1,000 watts consume approximately 1kw for each hour it is switched on. The cost will be around 30 cents per hour.

Difference between planetary and food processor

Planetary and food processor actually perform two similar functions but in a completely different way.

  • The multifunction robotis versatile and combines multiple functions, such as mincing, blending and so on, but also offers the ability to program, steam, clean and weigh the ingredients introduced.
  • The plenary, on the other hand, allows you to knead, to assemble wire and hook whips and to carry out preparations in large quantities (bread, pasta, desserts). It is also a large, non-multifunctional tool that requires large spaces.


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