The best platforms to trade

In many professions you are as good as good is your work tool. While that is debatable, it is true that a key part of a merchant’s job, like that of a radiologist, is to interpret the data on a screen; in fact, the day to day as we know it today would not exist without market software and e-commerce platforms.

If you want to start trading (financial stock market), then your tool must be very good to have the information updated and accessible at all times to make the best possible decisions.

If you are starting out in trading I leave you a list of the best trading software that currently exists. We begin.

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MetaTrader 4

It is the most reputable software on the trading market today. It has been in operation since 2005 (before the trading boom), and is ideal to start with due to its ease of interpretation of charts and general use of the platform.

The advantages it offers are:

  1. A shallow learning curve
  2. Mobile trading application
  3. Flexible and interactive graphics for advanced users
  4. You can operate manually or automatically with the algorithms

Download MetaTrader 4, the most powerful trading platform and start analyzing the markets.

Edelweiss Mobile Trader

It is the currently highest rated mobile application for trading .

Stands out for:

  • Detailed market information through sections dedicated to stocks, derivatives and raw materials.
  • Users can access dedicated sections like Market Map, Top Gainers & Losers, Most Active, 52 Week High & Low, etc.
  • The advanced charting options offered by this mobile trading platform allow merchants to conduct their research from virtually anywhere through live data transmission.
  • Users can also track their watchlists, monitor the live stock market, and access BSE NSE live charts through the EMT app.

Trading View

TradingView is a social network / trader where anyone can post a trading idea. It is the ideal commercial software for PC and accessible even on mobile phones.


  • Users can draw anything on any graph. The TradingView pen allows you to freely draw any line or shape.
  • You can effectively divide your screen into many synchronized graphics.
  • It makes looking at time frames much easier by allowing you to see multiple charts on the same screen.
  • Responsibility for sharing or publishing your business ideas.


eSignal is one of the oldest and most reliable trading platforms on the market . On the retail side, they are among the first innovators of adaptive pattern recognition tools and advanced graphics technology.

Its offerings and price categories can effectively accommodate casual investors to active traders and also provide 24/7 customer support, Monday through Friday.

Additionally, online trading capabilities can be integrated through a plug-in directly to more than fifty associated brokerage firms.


  • eSignal has smooth and stable graphics with flexible scaling. The scale of eSignal charts can be easily linked to multiple windows no matter where they move or how much they are resized.
  • The charts include a rich library of basic and advanced technical indicators.
  • Stable and seamless levels 2, time and sales windows with the ability to add more depth with subscription agreements for the ARCA book and Nasdaq Total View.
  • Excellent news service with news from Dow Jones Headline and COMTEX. Access to various third-party providers and subscription plans. News marketers easily use keywords to search for catalysts multiple times a day.
  • Market Screener Plus allows users to scan for technical, fundamental or stock values. Users can create or select scans from custom scans, predefined scans, and in-store purchased scans.

NetTrader X

NetTraderX is specifically designed for currency trading. It is compatible with Windows operating system.


  • It has color chart schemes.
  • You have an option to select the account currency while opening a new demo account.
  • Quick registration of real accounts and demo.
  • Trading positions can be easily opened and closed.
  • Orders can be effectively placed or removed.
  • It also encourages monitoring of charts, price change, chart objects, margin analysis and technical indicators.


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