best password managers for Windows

One of the first recommendations when creating strong passwords is not to use the same ones in different services. As it is impossible for some people to remember all the passwords, we have password managers that make it easy for us to access servers.

Here you will find the best password managers for Windows . But first we have to know what password managers are, what their function is and why they are so effective.

What are password managers?

Basically, password managers are programs used to store a large number of passwords. This is stored in a database that is encrypted by a unique password so that the user only has to memorize a single password to access the others.

Most browsers such as Chrome and Mozilla have their own native password managers, it is very easy to activate the strong password generator in Google Chrome, the problem is that these managers are quite basic and do nothing more than remind you of your password (although in some cases you cannot visualize it).

On the other hand, third-party managers are more complete and usually offer you applications for several platforms . These store passwords so that you can use them whenever you want safely.

These also include a system for automatically or randomly creating passwords. And if you want to keep your Windows computer completely safe, in this article you will find more information about What are the best free and paid antivirus for Windows PC?

The best password managers for Windows

Next we will give you a list of these optimized and completely reliable software so that you can protect all kinds of keys.


LastPass is the best password manager for Windows currently, it is available for Windows, masOS, iOs, Linux and Android. Thanks to the fact that it provides a complete and easy service.

It makes it easier to store passwords online and synchronized with other computers or devices, and thus simplifies the use of more secure keys and automatic change in the event that a service has been hacked or blocked.

It has an automatic completion function , which facilitates access to accounts and even completes your information when making an online purchase.

LastPass is completely free but also has a paid version with Premium features that add an additional 1GB of encrypted files.


Dashlane is the perfect solution when it comes to password management, it is available for both desktop and mobile devices.

Its interface is simple , which makes it easy to generate passwords and thus be able to save them safely. It has automatic completion to save you time when entering your accounts or when buying online.

It has the ability to share ‘keys’ with authorized contacts in case of an emergency when you cannot access your account. You can also change multiple passwords on different websites with just a few clicks and it alerts you if you have accounts on illegal sites.


Keeper is a very effective password manager compatible with Windows, although it was aimed at companies or businesses , it works very well when it comes to managing personal passwords.

It has an intuitive interface available for computer and mobile devices, it also uses a zero knowledge test system, this guarantees that no one, not even Keeper, has access to the stored information. Keeper offers biometric login and Keeper DNA, which allows you to confirm your identity with Apple Watch or Android Wear .


1Password is a password manager available for Windows and other operating systems. It is the best when it comes to safeguarding your passwords thanks to the fact that it has one of the best security mechanisms for not only your passwords, but for all types of files.

Your digital wallet has the ability to store all kinds of confidential information in reference to payment details and bank accounts and keeps them safe.

Some of the managers mentioned above are available in the official Microsoft store. We hope that you choose the option that best suits your requirements and that you feel more secure using your computer after having installed one of these managers.

If you want to learn how to see and export all the passwords saved in Google Chrome or Firefox? Enter this link and we will show you how to do it.


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