15 best ice cream shops in Genoa

Do you want to enjoy a good ice cream in the Ligurian capital? Here are, in our opinion best ice cream shops in Genoa.The ice cream parlors we are about to tell you about have been listed randomly and do not follow any order of preference. In fact, ours is not a ranking, but a simple list of the places we love to enjoy a good ice cream in the city!

15 best ice cream shops in Genoa

What you will find in this article

  • 1 – Ancient Amedeo Gelateria
  • 2 – Perfume ice cream shop
  • 3 – Sestri Creamery
  • 4 – The Sicilian
  • 5 – Creamery of Herbs
  • 6 – Viganotti ice cream shop
  • 7 – Scent of Rose
  • 8 – Caprafico
  • 9 – Gelateria Excellent – ​​Massimiliano Chiumeo
  • 10 – Gelateria Giumin

1 – Ancient Amedeo Gelateria

Via Boccadasse, 7r

The Antica Gelateria Amedeo is a real institution in the city and you can tell by the almost constant queue in front of the entrance.

The history of this ice cream parlor began as early as 1927 and the specialty of the place is undoubtedly the panera , the typical Genoese coffee semifreddo.

We both came here as children and even today, when we go back, every lick on the cone takes us back to those days: the taste of the ice cream here is always the same!

The plus of the Antica Gelateria Amedeo? Well, without a doubt the small and romantic beach of Boccadasse where you can sit and enjoy ice cream while looking at the sea!

2 – Perfume ice cream shop

Vico Superiore del Ferro, 14

In the heart of the city, the Gelateria Profumo has also been awarded several times by Gambero Rosso.

The raw materials are all of the highest quality and the flavors of the ice cream follow the changing of the seasons .

Excellent fruit flavors that are all water-based and the very delicate creams among which we recommend you absolutely try the hazelnut .

3 – Sestri Creamery

Via Gaetano Donizetti, 34/36r

Cremeria Sestri has become one of our favorite places over the years and we come there whenever we can!

The tastes are one better than the other and also in this case they always vary with the alternation of the seasons .

The fruit flavors are delicious, including, when you find it, we recommend that you absolutely try the blueberry .

Don’t forget to add cream to the ice cream because it is always very fresh and never cloying!


4 – The Sicilian

Via Trebizond, 47r


The Sicilian , for me (Selene) is a real memory of a child.

Here nothing has ever changed and everything has remained as it once was… even the prices which have been kept in lire and “translated” into Euros!

Here you will find the classic creams, but also various more particular flavours .

My favorites are Licorice and Cassata Siciliana.




5 – Creamery of Herbs

Vico delle Erbe, 17


In the heart of the caruggi , the Cremeria delle Erbe is another of the historic ice cream parlors of the city.

Tastes vary often, but the great classics are always present and are always delicious .

The ice cream cakes are also excellent .

Don’t forget that the Cremeria’s ice creams can also be tasted in the San Fruttuoso district at the Mario Rivaro Crème Lounge Café .


6 – Viganotti ice cream shop

Ascent of the Prion, 12R



Romeo Viganotti is a historic shop that has been offering excellent artisan chocolates to the Genoese since 1866.

Over the years, the laboratory has also been joined by a cafeteria with a pastry shop and an ice cream shop.

The latter offers creamy homemade ice creams prepared with excellent quality raw materials ranging from classic flavors to real specialties such as cheese ice creams .

To try, for example, is the ricotta flavor with caramelized walnuts, but obviously all the chocolate-based flavors are not to be missed!


7 – Scent of Rose

Via Cairoli, 13 A / R


Profumo di Rosa is another great place to eat ice cream in Genoa.

The flavors are delicate and always well balanced.

Among the best ever are the fruit ones that are always prepared with the freshest ingredients of the day.

Try the flavor of the month which is always a very special novelty!


8 – Caprafico

Via Giovanni Caboto, 19r



In the beautiful setting of the Porticciolo di Nervi, there is another of the best ice cream parlors in Genoa: Caprafico .

It’s worth sitting down here for a sundae , but the takeaway cones are special too.

The flavors are numerous and range from the great classics to the more particular ones such as the popcorn flavour .


9 – Gelateria Excellent – ​​Massimiliano Chiumeo

Via Guglielmo Oberdan, 75r


The Massimiliano Chiumeo Gelateria is always located in Nervi and offers ice cream prepared with fresh and, where possible, local ingredients .

The search for raw materials is essential and products from Slow Food Presidia and Protection Consortia are preferred … believe us if we tell you that the difference is felt and how!


10 – Gelateria Giumin

Viale Goffredo Franchini, 4


Gelateria Giumin is also one of those memories that I, Selene, have carried with me since I was a child.

Born in 1933, this ice cream parlor really made the history of ice cream in the Ligurian capital and it seems that the “Pinguino” ice cream was born right here …

We recommend, then, that you try the delicious ice cream with Giumin’s stick, because it’s really excellent! I love the hazelnut one .




So which one inspires you the most among what we think are the best ice cream parlors in Genoa?

If you’re from Genoa, let us know which is your favorite gelateria: if it’s not on this list, we’ll try it as soon as possible!


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