How does the ice machine work?

The ice machine is a very useful appliance to have ice cubes for all your fresh drinks.

What’s better than sipping a cold drink or a colorful cocktail when the days get hot and muggy? The molds and bags for ice to keep in the freezer , in addition to being rather uncomfortable, must be prepared in advance and you don’t always have time to do it. So, to make any drink even more pleasant to drink in summer, an ice machine is definitely a great ally .

If before it was used essentially by bars and restaurants to have ice cubes always ready for their customers, today there are also compact and space-saving models that you can easily keep in the kitchen to satisfy your cravings for freshness whenever you want!

In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about ice machines , answering some frequently asked questions on this topic.

  • How does the ice machine work?
  • Why does the ice machine make little ice?
  • How to clean the ice machine?
  • How much does an ice machine cost?

How does the ice machine work?

The ice machine operation process is quite basic and intuitive . It is an appliance consisting of a tank where water at room temperature is poured, a refrigeration unit that allows the creation of ice, blades that cut the ice and transform it into cubes, and a container where it is collected the ice. Once ready, the ice must be used or stored in the freezer.

Using it is really easy : once the tank is filled, just start the machine and wait the time necessary for the production of the cubes. In some models you can choose the size of the cubes.

Why does the ice machine make little ice?

This is a very common problem and for this reason ice machines are usually equipped with a heating coil , which is activated when the ice gets stuck on the surface or sticks. Obviously, each appliance has its own instruction booklet and the first thing you should do if you have this problem is to consult  the troubleshooting manual supplied with your appliance.

How to clean the ice machine?

To keep your ice machine running smoothly , you need to clean it regularly . Like all appliances that work with water, the appliance will be subject to the formation of limescale , which must be avoided because it could compromise its functionality: therefore try to use water that is not very calcareous if you can. Not to mention that ice is in effect a food that is then consumed, so it must be produced in conditions of maximum hygiene and cleanliness.

Every week you should clean the ice machine: it will be sufficient to disassemble it and wash the internal components, the trays and obviously the tank with normal dish detergent or with a solution of water and vinegar. Some can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

How much does an ice machine cost?

The price of ice machines is highly variable . There are some professional models that cost more than 1000 euros, but if you are looking for a device to keep at home you will find excellent ones between 100 and 150 euros . The stark difference comes from the fact that professional machines have much greater power and capacity, but the operation is basically the same.

Here are three models in the same price range to choose from.

G3 Ferrari G20097 Artiko

G3 Ferrari G20097 Artiko ice machine

The G3 Ferrari G20097 Artiko ice machine is fast and efficient : it allows you to produce 12 kg of ice in 24 hours, which means up to 1400 cubes . It does not need to be connected to the water mains because it is equipped with a large 2-liter tank and, when the tank is empty or the ice container is full, it switches off automatically to save energy. The perfect solution even for small spaces, because it has small and compact dimensions.

H.Koenig KB20

H.Koenig KB20 ice machine

Powerful and functional, the H.Koenig KB20 stands out for its low consumption and speed: in just 10-13 minutes it is able to produce 12 ice cubes . It is easy to control and manage thanks to the integrated LCD display and features a 2.1 liter tank that is easy to fill and clean. In addition, it is also equipped with a timer function that allows you to program the ice-making cycle to prepare all the cubes you need in advance. When the ice bin is full, the machine stops automatically.

Girmi GH7600

Girmi GH7600 ice machine

With roughly the same performance and price as the previous two, the Girmi GH7600 ice machine is another efficient model for home use. It has a production capacity of 12 kg of ice in 24 hours and a tank with a capacity of 2 liters. The operation is completely automatic, you will not have to do anything but fill the water tank and wait for the ice cubes to be produced. Furthermore, you can choose between two different sizes of ice cubes (small or large).


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