Best Android file browsers In 2021

Android is one of the most customizable and varied operating systems you can find. This has the ability to show us a catalog of options to choose from, from being able to change the complete interface ( Launcher ) of our device to being able to manage all our documents, apk files, photos, videos, among others.

Taking into account this last option, we can declare with certainty that we can have thousands of applications that work as a file manager, some better than others. If you want to know more, stay with us and we will tell you which are the best file managers for your Android terminal.

Faced with the constant digital evolution in all types of media, devices, applications and others. It is totally common that we are not aware of everything , since day after day we can find new options and services specially designed with certain users in mind.

In the case of file explorers, the issue is not different, they are also exposed to this persistent innovation, therefore, we can find hundreds of applications all with different tools, options, services, facilities and others.

But before entering this world and wanting to find and obtain a good application, we will have to be completely clear about the basic concept of what a file manager is.

What is an Android file manager or explorer?

When you buy your Android terminal and you are walking through the app drawer, you will find an application called an explorer or manager that most likely presents a folder as an icon.

This is one of the few default services already installed by the system on your device. Thanks to this explorer you can view all the files that are in the memory of your  phone or your SD card.

From there we can see a large number of folders or files separated and differentiated by name, our files will be housed in these .

On the other hand, we will have different tools to manage these classifiers to our preference. Although, of course, this default application by Android will not exploit 100% the functions that a file manager can present us due to the restrictions on system folders.

Therefore, we will have some barriers when we want to carry out some actions, such as wanting to see the root folder of the device. Therefore, below we will tell you about the best Android file managers to choose from.

Best Android file browsers or managers

If what you want is to have the possibility to make file system modifications and go even further to the root of your Android device, we will present you with the most interesting options to select that you can find in the Play Store. If you have any problem downloading in play store you can solve it .

You can download and install these on your terminal without any problem or inconvenience. Having this clear, below we will present these interesting options.

ES File Explorer

It is one of the most recognized file managers and explorers for Android systems, as well as one of the most downloaded.

It currently has around 300 million users around the world and this is not by mere chance, Es File explorer presents accessibility to everything related to our device.

Es Explorer presents 2 versions for users , the normal one and the paid version, which does not present advertising and has some extra tools to erase any type of advertisement from Es Explorer.

Astro File Explorer

It is one of the first variants that was released for Android terminals, it has a wide variety of options through a simple and intuitive interface, but best of all, it is free and does not have any type of ads.

Total Commander file manager

It is one of the pioneers when it comes to file management , as well as being one of the most recognized and successful Android system browsers. It is completely free and without advertising.

Xiaomi file manager

Given the growing popularity of Xiaomi, the company has been in charge of uploading several of its own applications to the Play Store, including its impressive file manager without advertising. Download from Play Store .

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