The best 5 security plugins for WordPress.

As a website owner, you should always be ready for problems such as: security breaches and hacker attacks for this reason, in this post I list you the 5 best security plugins for WordPress .

Recently, there has been a huge attack on more than 10,000 WordPress sites, turning blogs and websites loaded by the powerful CMS into sites full of crypto-miners, ransomware and banking Trojans; infesting millions of visitors from all over the world.

Unfortunately, this type of attack is nothing new. With the advancement of technologies, hackers are always finding new systems vulnerabilities to hack them. This is especially the case with WordPress as it is a simple target, being the most popular CMS in the world.

To protect your website, you should periodically scan for malware, limit login attempts and set up DDos protection to keep hackers away from your business, your sites and your blog.

We want to help you find the best security plug-in to protect your WordPress website. We then compared the best ones to get a clear idea of ​​the pros and cons before installing one.

Read on to find out what could be the best plug-in for your website

Sucuri is one of the leaders in the online security industry . WordPress developed it for CMS users, making it free for everyone. It currently has 400,000 active users who continue to update it regularly.

Main features.

Sucuri Security is not a plug-in that thinks of everything, performs exceptionally, focusing only on the basic functions such as scanning and monitoring bad actions.

The plug-in includes file integrity monitoring to check if any core file has vulnerabilities. Scan malware and monitor blacklists; although its best features are those of post hacking, which basically give suggestions on what to do if and when your site is attacked by Malware.

Benefits of Sucuri Security.

  • Developed by a reliable company and it is regularly updated.
  • Efficient malware scans, detect unusual actions.
  • Notify unusual behavior.
  • It manages to monitor the integrity of the files.

Downsides to using Sucuri Security.

  • Outdated interface, not very intuitive for those who have just started.
  • Firewalls for sites are only included in the premium plan.


  • Price: free (has an excellent premium version).
  • Best for: small sites and blogs.

Wordfence is the leader among WordPress security plug-ins. The company was able to make a name for itself, discovering vulnerabilities in WordPress and plug-ins. Thanks to its research team, Wordfence is always the first to be able to develop the plug-in so that it protects sites against new WordPress vulnerabilities; for this it has more than 2 million active installations.

Main features.

One of the biggest benefits of using Wordfence is that it includes a firewall that can also be used in the free version. Furthermore, it is also powerful in malware scans and has the ability to repair infected files. It also protects you against attacks by limiting login attempts.

All of these features are included in the free plan. The premium plan gives you access to two authentication factors: national blockade and defense against real-time threats.

Benefits of using Wordfence.

  • Easy to use, intuitive interface for those who have just started.
  • There are firewalls and malware scans on the website.
  • Ability to limit login attempts, to prevent attacks.
  • Monitor crawlers, robots and Google visitors for unusual behavior.
  • Monitor login activity to detect hackers.
  • Repair damaged files.

Downsides to using Wordfence.

  • It may have a small impact on your site’s performance.

iThemes Security.

  • Price: $ 80.00 per year.
  • Best for: great websites and magazine blogs.

iThemes Security is the premium alternative that includes better and more incisive protection for larger and more content-rich websites, while the free plug-in offers a plan that isn’t powerful enough to protect even small websites.
We recommend this plug-in only if you intend to purchase the premium package.

Main features.

iThemes Security has a refined interface thanks to which users can choose which options to enable or disable to defend their website, in the right way.

It not only includes malware protection and scans but detects 404s and backs up databases to keep the site safe.

The company changed their prices to meet all users. At $ 80.00 a year you have the protection of a website; for $ 127.00 for 10 websites and for $ 197.00 unlimited license.

Benefits of using iThemes Security.

  • Malware scans.
  • Attack protection, with limitation on login attempts.
  • Detecting file changes, lets you know if someone changes or edits an important file.
  • Enables you to hide your login and admin url.
  • It is built with two-factor authentication for the protection of your password.
  • Receive email notifications immediately.

Downsides to using iThemes Security.

  • It does not include a website firewall.
  • The free version lacks the basic safety features.
  • Slightly expensive in the paid version.

Shield Security.

  • Price: Free / $ 1.00 per month.
  • Best for: small websites and blogs.

Shield Security is new and little known in the WordPress security plug-in market (it has 80,000 active installations). While it offers an extraordinary set of features to protect your website and PRO version in every way possible, it only costs $ 1.00 per month.

Main features.

Although Shield Security is in the market recently, the company has done a great job in its development, so that it can provide a better user experience even to the most inexperienced. The plug-in also provides wizards to teach you how to configure it, so you can get the best possible performance from it.

It includes important features, which you would expect in a security plug-in such as a firewall and file scanning; but it also has additional features like Google reCaptcha and spam comment blocking.

The PRO version of the plug-in, which costs only $ 1.00 per month, and includes other useful features such as: scanning the plug-in and theme and detecting the hacker scanner.

Benefits of using Shield Security.

  • It has a refined interface, useful for those who have just started.
  • Limit login attempts to prevent multiple attacks.
  • It has 2 factors of authentication and reCaptcha protection for password security.
  • It has a firewall.
  • Scan and detect bad files.
  • Scan for plug-in and theme (PRO) vulnerabilities.
  • Scan and detect hacker attacks (PRO).

Downsides to using Shield Security.

  • Reliability is questionable, given that the plug-in is new and comes from an independent developer.
  • Malware scan is missing.

SecuPress is another WordPress security plug-in which, at the moment, has just over 10,000 active installations; although it contains a system that automates the scans, so you don’t have to do them periodically.

Main features.

The free version includes all the basic functions including: a firewall, protection from attacks and the ability to hide the log-in page.

However, if you have a large website, it is worth considering the PRO version as it includes automatic scans, database backups, instant notifications, two authentication factors and the detection of vulnerabilities in plug-ins and in the theme.

Benefits of using SecuPress.

  • Malware scans, presence of a firewall to scan files on the site.
  • Restricting login attempts to prevent attacks.
  • It has 2 authentication factors and the ability to hide the login page (PRO).
  • The ability to block visitors from different countries based on geolocation (PRO).
  • Detect vulnerabilities in themes and plug-ins (PRO).
  • Scan for PHP (PRO) malware.
  • Detect and block defective bots (PRO)
  • Automatic scan (PRO).

Downsides to using SecuPress.

  • The premium version is expensive.
  • The free version has limited features.
  • Reliability is questionable as the plug-in is new.

Which plug-in is right for you?

According to one of the biggest authorities in cybersecurity, no plug-in can beat the power and protection offered by Securi Security and in addition it is free.

It must be said that, however, Securi Security also has shortcomings such as a firewall for the site and does not limit login attempts, things that you have with Wordfence instead. It all depends on the type and size of the site and you still need to test several before finding the perfect one for you.

When it comes to website security, hosting is another important aspect that you shouldn’t ignore. Use a hosting provider managed by WordPress to avoid being the victim of a common hacker attack.

Platforms like Kinsta and FlyWheel have security systems that make your sites even safer. In fact, you won’t need a security plug-in to protect your site if you have hosting from a particularly secure platform.

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