10 Benefits of Boxing for Fitness and Health

The benefits of boxing can be numerous, but it is critical that you reflect on and research the fundamentals of boxing, so you will be delighted to engage in new teachings and discipline that can not only be put into practice in the gym but also under the circumstances. of everyday life.

Know some of the benefits of boxing and consider it a driving spring for a new lifestyle.

  1. Self Defense

It may seem that striking movements are merely taught to challenge one’s body, but some recognize that learning is convenient for possible eventualities. Basic self-defense knowledge contributes mainly to women practitioners who feel insecure.

It is noteworthy that the classes are not taught for this purpose, but all knowledge can be used to your advantage. This additional knowledge is very common for special women’s boxing classes.

  1. Motor coordination

For beginners, coordinating striking movements can be challenging because it requires practice and skill enhancement, but the importance of coordination, especially of hands, is critical for people to perform better and evolve in the practice of sports.

Boxers with enhanced motor coordination tend to have faster reflexes, thus reacting to stimuli as soon as possible, supporting improved coordination of the entire body. It is noteworthy that older people do not have the same coordination and balance, which increases the risk of falls, so can enjoy the benefits of boxing to avoid certain consequences of old age.

In boxing, you should be able to see the target, react to it, and the main one to hit it all at the same time, regardless of whether it is moving or not. It may seem difficult, but it is exactly regular practice that contributes to evolution, improving speed, balance, agility and reflex.

  1. No stress

We know that any form of moderate or intense physical activity can reduce stress, as exercise can increase endorphins, but when we are looking for a new way to exercise, we want something that provides a sense of pleasure and benefits over other activities.

By boxing you will still be able to discount your uncertainties and moodiness in high intensity exercise attacks and blows.

It’s interesting how practitioners describe the feeling of liberation during boxing lessons. The attention devoted to performing movements enables you to disengage from your routine and obligations, promoting moments of meditation or even distraction.

  1. Cardiovascular Health

Aerobic exercise is indicated to protect us against heart disease, as these are the best alternatives to maintain weight and burn calories. One of the benefits of voxe is that it can help to reduce the percentage of fat, especially reducing the fat located in the abdominal region. Boxing as aerobic exercise is central to providing support for moderate stress on the heart and lungs to maintain a regular heart rate during training.

  1. Strength

Performing punches, kicks and jumps requires a certain amount of strength, especially by intermediate and advanced practitioners. During boxing training, you will have to punch or kick the training bag countless times, which requires not only conditioning your upper but also lower limbs, thus improving your strength in several limbs.

Most instructors do not do training only by focusing on the blows. Physical fitness can evolve through sets of strikes coupled with sets of squats, push ups, boards and more. You can analyze the training pace and then formulate a challenging circuit.

  1. Better body composition

Among the benefits of boxing, promoting weight loss is one of the most tempting for those seeking a better quality of life. If your goal is to decrease fat mass and increase muscle mass, you can count on boxing support.

Sport is not responsible for high lean mass gain, but if combined with a weightlifting plan and good nutrition, the benefits of boxing are significant for hypertrophy.

That is, boxing should be recognized as one of the most efficient mechanisms for improving body composition, because if combined correctly with other exercises, can contribute to muscle strengthening.

  1. Correct Posture

Like other exercises, boxing helps maintain proper posture, not primarily harming the structure of the vertebrae. It is inevitable that you will adjust to the correct posture, because aligned positioning helps you perform the blows correctly and avoid those performed on you.

  1. Self Esteem

As a cardiorespiratory activity, the benefits of boxing still extend to what you see in the mirror. Yes, the gains not only for health, but when we talk about bodily changes, we must also highlight the confidence and self-esteem one gains when one is happy with oneself. You may notice healthy weight loss and increased fitness for daily tasks that you previously felt uncomfortable with.

  1. Teachings

Women often feel out of place in certain matters with friends or boyfriends, but martial arts have brought them very positively. Among the benefits of boxing, practicing boxing also allows you to discuss and exchange ideas about those sports that have become an alternative for those who shy away from monotonous and repetitive physical activity. Women are no longer out of competition.

  1. Use of accessories

It is common to be afraid to practice some fights. A few purples here and there are normal for boxing practitioners, especially beginners, but feeling sore may not be such an appealing idea. Boxing allows you to use a variety of accessories to avoid the consequences of classroom strikes.The use of gloves and protectors is free, and many people recognize this as a motivating way to stay physically active. Favorite accessories include custom gloves, mouth guards and bandages.

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