Calisthenics;What It Is, Benefits, Exercises and Tips

Calisthenics (Calisthenics) is nothing more than the practice of exercise using only the body’s own weight to test its endurance and acquire muscles. Do not think that this can be an easy task, or that you are free of those pesetas. This methodology was used with soldiers who were at war and needed alternatives to keep the body conditioned for possible adversity. The purpose of Calisthenics (Calisthenics) is to prepare you to become able to do weight lifting from your own body.

Benefits of Callisthenics

Calisthenics (Calisthenics) training is suitable for promoting lean muscle growth, assists in increasing your strength, promotes better mobility, flexibility, agility and endurance already described.

There is no excuse for delaying the start of the practice of Calisthenics, as no pre-determined instrument or place is required. You can exercise anywhere and under any circumstances.

It favors the development and evolution of your motor coordination.

If you want lean mass growth but also aim to reduce fat percentage, cardiovascular exercise before or after Calisthenics (Calisthenics) training can intensify calorie burning as it will help your metabolism stay active.Don’t think that just the association between cardiovascular exercise and Calisthenics training contributes to weight loss, on the contrary, intensifies. Importantly, this training alone can make a superior contribution compared to cardiovascular exercise for your weight loss.

This training can contribute to increased heart rate.

You can’t use the excuse that you don’t have time to exercise, as time can be used as a tool to make training even more efficient. Set aside a small period of your routine to keep you healthier and fit.

Callisthenic exercises

Below you will find the 4 main exercises of Calisthenics (Calisthenics). It is important that you allow yourself to start patiently, do not try to perform all movements and with high intensity. Perfection requires dedication and practice time, so you will gain excellence only gradually. Do not think that because these exercises can be discouraging, it is important that you adapt them to your current conditioning, and then identify your evolution.

Most common calisthenic exercises for upper limb training

– Pushups – Pushups are ideal for building chest, shoulder and triceps muscles, as well as helping to gain muscle endurance and stability.

Barbell Bar exercises may require conditioning of your back, biceps, and grip, and are a great test of upper limb strength.

Most common calisthenic exercises for lower limb training

– Squats – Squats with feet aligned with the shoulders can be effective for strengthening the muscles of the lower limbs. . It is indicated that you squat and push your hips back and knees out, it is important that you squat to your lower limit, then fall back again. Squats are very suitable for you to strengthen your legs, mainly because you can perform several variations with different positions of the feet, thus requiring particularly a muscle group, especially the quadriceps.

– Abdominals – These exercises are the favorites of those who wish to have that defined abdomen. It is not difficult to know different ways to exercise the muscles contained in this body region.

You can adapt your routine to Calistenics practice four times a week. It is recommended to allocate 2 weekly upper limb drills and 2 lower limb drills. It is essential that you respect the proper time for your muscles to recover from the fatigue resulting from previous training, which is exactly why this program is designed to preserve your body and ensure healthy lean muscle growth.


  • – It is critical that you recognize the intensity of the exercises and assess whether it is compatible with your fitness or not. Avoid forcing your body to perform movements that may compromise your posture and health.
  • – Drink plenty of water while practicing Calisthenics (Calisthenics), so you will keep your body hydrated and thus remain more willing for your workout.
  • – Practicing Calisthenics in groups can become even more enjoyable if done with challenges and sharing ideas.
  • – Remember to combine cardiovascular exercise with Calisthenics, so your body can stay healthier and react better to external hardship.
  • – You can use speed and instruments to get different results with calisthenics exercises.
  • – Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, as even using your body as a weight can cause intense loss of fluids and minerals.
  • – Try to adapt the exercises to circuits, they can be stimulating and can further improve your fitness.
  • – Set aside a dose of discipline and patience, as this will allow you to recognize that gradual conditioning gain can provide you with the advanced moves you so desire.
  • – Maintain a regular diet, a proper diet can better support you to practice Calisthenics and still achieve your body goals.
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