Believing will always be a decision and a step of faith

That is how I want to start this sharing with you, because that is exactly what I have experienced in these times. God has taught me that believing is always a great challenge and a step of faith . Looking at my story, I can witness the Lord’s Mercy to me, I can testify how much He believed and believes in me. He, more than anyone, knew how to wait patiently every time and every process in my life; he followed me closely and was always by my side when I needed it most, He never took His loving look from me as a Father.

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Only a healed heart can believe

God rejoiced with me with every victory, with every step taken, with every decision and change made in my life, God remained faithful when I was unfaithful! God remained faithful when, at times, I was unable to carry out His will and I ended up frustrating His plans, and yet God remained faithful! Only God is able to search and understand man’s heart ; It goes far beyond what you can see. “Man sees the appearance; God sees the heart! ” (1 Sm. 16.7b).

God sees your heart, He knows all the potential that you have kept inside, potential for good, we were created for good and not for evil, being good is part of our essence and, therefore, God believes in me and you!

What to do to believe again?

Many of us have been hurt in love and can no longer believe in anything or anyone. Perhaps this has happened to you and today you wonder what to do to love again? What to do to believe again? I say to you: First of all you need with the “grace of God” to forget everything that happened, then you need to make the firm purpose of loving and doing it is fundamental, because it is the right antidote to make it fall to the ground our pride .

This is the first step to be taken: “Give your freedom to the Lord!” The second step is to seek help: find someone to pray for your inner healing; inner healing prayer is essential! Through it the Lord performs deep healings in our hearts. I know it’s not easy, but don’t forget: “It’s a decision”.

Believing is the result of a healed heart; only a healed heart can believe! How many people discredited of themselves and others are around you? And the worst of all is that because they do not believe in themselves, others end up being a reflection of this discredit and end up suffering the consequences of a heart that is hurt and bitter by so many situations.

Imagine someone inside a hole full of rubble that sunlight is not able to penetrate. Ever wonder? Now, imagine what can happen to that person if he doesn’t get out of that hole right away. Obviously, as time goes by, the lack of sunlight and the debris heaped there will start to attract different types of insects and animals harmful to health , which will start to attract diseases to that person. Well, if you don’t have the courage to open your heart and allow God’s healing to come to you, remove all the debris that is piled up on your heart and on your life. You will never be able to believe in yourself, let alone in others.

Respect the natural process

Look at your reality today and reflect: who or what do you need to believe in? Well, no more wasting time; it’s time to take the step! After all, “one only learns to believe, believing; he is able to believe only those who allow themselves to be healed and transformed by God.

I like to say that: whoever believes needs to be like a sower who has a seed in his hands. In the eyes of all, it is but a small and insignificant seed, but it bears at the heart of it a large tree that, one day, will bear many fruits. Those who believe cannot stand just in the seed, they must have the courage to plant it, water it and grow it every day and, mainly, wait … wait without aiming at immediate results, without wanting to graft it, because it would be a disrespect to its natural process.

Respecting the natural process will never cease to be something fundamental, if what is ahead is a beautiful and large leafy and fertile tree. It is necessary to take care with love and, many times, it will be inevitable to prune it! But, never without much grace and gentle delicacy, never without much respect for the life that is latent there and that is blooming. It will often be necessary to place a support, so that it does not grow with any deformity.

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Jesus believes in us!

For this to be well engraved in your heart, I repeat: believing will always be a decision and a step of faith. And, this decision will not be easy to make, because it goes beyond our will, so it ends up being demanding, makes us uncomfortable and uninstall, hurts our pride and makes us die for our self-love. But, I cannot deny that the fruits of this experience are gratifying to those who have the courage to live it and only those who have lived can attest to what I am saying. “You have to take the risks to enjoy the pleasure they offer!”

My brother and sister, never forget that: whenever you want to discredit something or someone, never forget that Jesus never discredited you.


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