Stay away from the disease called “verborrea”

Dear internet user, have you ever been tasked with doing something in your professional activity, at home or in any situation in your life that led you to exclaim: “This is very difficult to do” or “How much difficulty I am going through perform such a task! ”? I’m sure yes. I myself could mention many of these situations that I have lived throughout my life, but at that moment, I remember a particular situation and would like to expose it for you.

Before joining Canção Nova, I worked in metrology at a machining firm. One of my daily tasks was to develop measurement programs on equipment commonly called a “three-dimensional machine”. Once, I was asked by my boss to develop a computer program that would make the complete measurement of a certain part that was being produced at that time. How hard I had to accomplish this task!

I remember that it took me almost a week of intense work. In many moments, I thought I would not be able to fulfill it. To take care of this task, see what I set out to do: I woke up very early, still at dawn, and, at three o’clock in the morning, I was already in my work sector with a “joystick” in my hands developing the program. This was the most favorable time, because, in addition to the silence of the external environment, the machine was not required for other jobs that required its use. That way I could work more smoothly.

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Ahhh! There is still a detail … At this early hour, my programming company, in addition to the whistles caused by the machine’s sensors, were the songs from that wonderful Salmos CD , “Ao mestre do canto” recorded by Eliana Ribeiro. So, I completed the task after a lot of work.

Did you suffer from this disease?

Well, I briefly shared on a very complicated task that I needed to accomplish and I am sure that you have already had many experiences that would also fit very well in this context. However, there is an “activity” that would be infinitely more laborious than the one I just mentioned and that any other very expensive activity that you had to do. Want to know what activity that would be? I answer: be silent.

Dear internet user, notice how great the temptation is! Just to introduce the subject, notice how many words I allowed myself to use. Didn’t I just have a verborea attack, too? Even a detail that, at first, would not be necessary to understand the story I told, I decided to include it in the text. So, without wanting to judge or accuse anyone, I believe that I can say that you and I suffer from this disease.

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The book “A cartridge – Silence with God” brings the affirmation of the French Catholic philosopher Gustave Thibon, who is worthy of blushing our faces: “in the present world, there is more saliva than blood”. It is a short, direct, precise and, above all, true statement. There is a lot of talk, words are multiplied in an exaggerated way, they spend time and saliva and, what is worse, the essential is being forgotten. People talk a lot and badly. Our words have become, more and more, just and only echoes of other words.

Be silent!

Another very inspired statement was given to us by Cardinal Robert Sarah in his book “Force of Silence”: “A world made of propaganda, endless arguments, reproaches, criticism or, simply, chatter is a world in which it is worth living. The Catholics who are associated with this kind of fuss, that enter in the Babel of voices, in a way, exiled from the City of God. ”

How about we get away from chatter a little bit, from chatter? See, it is not to silence us all of a sudden, but to speak the necessary. I’m sure it will do you a lot of good. I want to conclude this article with another statement by Cardinal Sarah: “Silence is difficult, but it makes us able to let ourselves be led by God “.


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