Why should I believe in God ?: Who is GOD?

Belief in God: reality or just a fantasy?

The words God, God, Allah, etc. sometimes become such a thing for us that we can only imagine. We like the word ‘God’ only in books, stories and anecdotes, but in real life it all seems imaginary. The question of many people is right , why should I believe in God ?

7% of the world’s population is atheist. These are people who do not believe in God or believe in any supernatural power. It is common today. Today’s youth consider it a fashion not to believe in God. Being an atheist is a ‘cool’ thing in itself. But if something is true or something exists, then it is stupid to deny it

Then why should I not believe in God?

Why don’t we see and understand some of the reasons that help me believe in God. See the proof of being God i.e. the proof of his existence.

  1. The beginning of this creation is proof that someone has created it. According to Philosophy or Philosophy, there is some reason behind the existence of everything. There is a reason for the beginning of this creation and that God is himself. He has created this creation.
  2. The complexity or complexity in the design of our earth suggests that God has not only created this earth but he is also running it. The air, water and all the elements or matter on the earth are in their right place in such a way that trees, plants, animals, even humans can survive on this earth and nowhere else .
  3. This creation operates according to some ready-made law of nature, such as the law of gravity or gravity according to which any two objects attract each other. There are many other such laws of nature that govern this world and this is proof that there is someone who sets these rules.
  4. DNA present in cells or cells of our body The code determines the appearance, length, size, behavior, etc. of our body. This explains that our body is programmed like a computer by a computer programmer. That programmer is none other than God himself.
  5. God seeks us, calls us to himself. He has left the impression of his presence everywhere for us so that we can reach him. His infinite beauty is reflected in the beauty of nature and his infinite love is hidden in the love of our relationships with people.
  6. In Jesus Christ, the Son of God, we find signs of all the attributes of God. Jesus Christ is God. Jesus Christ is not a fictional character but the only name in human history that has shown us the true form of God. According to the Bible, he is 100 percent human and 100 percent God.

If we still do not see any solid reason to believe in God or God then why should we not try to know Jesus Christ ourselves? You can contact us to talk more about this. Do we get a reason to believe in God by knowing Jesus Christ ?


by Abdullah Sam
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