How to become a weak woman for a man

How to become a weak woman in the current conditions, when women are forced to be strong and take responsibility? How to learn to accept help, not to experience psychological discomfort, allowing you to take care of yourself?

In modern society, the idea of ​​independence, independence, the desire to set goals and achieve them is very encouraged.

It is noteworthy that training on success is attended not only by representatives of the strong half of humanity. At such events one can always meet many bright, strong, ambitious women. They come to break through life, learn how to build a career, secure the future of children, and sponsor parents. Such women can stand at the head of companies or have their own business (often created from scratch by hard work and perseverance). However, not only this unites them.

Often there is another distinguishing feature of successful, vibrant and strong women – loneliness . If a girl or woman does not know how to become weak at least sometimes, then it can almost certainly be argued that she did not work out with family life.

How to be a weak woman with a man, if you have been taught otherwise since childhood?

Let’s deal with the roots of the problem. If you can’t build a serious relationship or even are married, but you can’t call him happy, then you probably pull everything on yourself, not allowing a man to show his leadership qualities.

Where does all this come from? Most likely from childhood . We were all brought up on the Soviet ideology, when women and men should work the same number of hours, fulfill production standards, and in the evening our mothers and grandmothers were waiting for household chores. It is still considered the norm if a woman gives birth to children and she herself brings up without assistance, goes to work for money, and after work also carries the whole burden of responsibility for the maintenance of the house. At the same time, it is believed that a man should only work and his responsibilities end there.

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Where do we come from this upbringing?

From childhood, the attitude is formed that there is more demand from a woman, and therefore it is necessary to have steel nerves and a strong character, as well as horse working capacity.


How to be weaker than a man if it is not encouraged?

Indeed, fear subconsciously sits in you that if you yourself do not achieve anything in your career, you will remain with your nose. Men are not reliable, they either drink or change (which, in your opinion, is full of examples and evidence). Often strong women flee from the poverty and frustration that were present in their families when they were still small. For example, your father drank, cheated, or simply did not bring money home, and you lived on your mother’s salary. Such a behavioral scenario is firmly imprinted in your mind, and therefore you simply are not able to understand that a man can and should be responsible.

How to learn to be weak in relation to a man?

In order to understand how to become weaker, you need to narrow your area of ​​responsibility.

So what if you had to survive and achieve everything yourself? You have already taken place, but you do not need to demonstrate this if it is important for you to build a relationship. Men are leaders by nature and want recognition, but they relax if given them such an opportunity. When a woman does everything herself, then there is no need to show her her masculinity. Why take care of the one who does everything herself? There is no desire to conquer, to seek such a woman.

If you want to learn how to learn how to be weak, then take a closer look at families where a man provides both his wife and children, sets ambitious goals for himself, contains parents, buys gifts and gives trips to luxury resorts. Want the exact same thing? Then stop doing everything for the man: earn, plan, patronize in every way (as his mother does), perform purely male duties.

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When the goal was to survive, then you could do everything to take place and provide for yourself and your family. But when this stage has passed, you need to change your mind, because only in this way you can meet a person who will not be another disappointment for you. A strong woman by inertia begins to do everything for a weak man. As a result, he receives neither respect, nor romantic relationships, nothing of what is shown in films about love. The more often the situation repeats, the faster you are convinced that “there are no normal men left.”

How to be weaker than a man in practice: 6 tips

1.   Have to say goodbye to all the settings that you imposed on your childhood.

Not all men are the same, nor are all people different. Stop labeling and being held captive by your erroneous beliefs.

2.   Let the man take the initiative.

Do not call, do not write the first, do not decide for two. Do not show that you are too interested in him. Do not impose and keep your distance. Let him be the first to invite on dates, give gifts and flowers.

3.   Do not be too affordable.

An affordable woman who immediately agrees to everything is of no interest to anyone. Remember that men are hunters, it is important for them to conquer. This has nothing to do with serving yourself on a silver platter. Where is the intrigue, interest, the process of “hunting”?

4.   Do not let a man be weak.

Someone in a pair should be weak, and someone should be strong. If you choose to be weak, then the man will have no options to “dissolve the nurse”. Of course, there are men who are not capable of anything in life, but a normal guy has aspirations and goals, and is also able to bear responsibility. This happens when you yourself transfer the reins of government into his hands.

5.   Choose a sphere where to be strong.

If you do not know how to become weak, you are afraid to cease to control everything, then understand that you can always be strong, because you already have certain experience and achievements, which are clear evidence of this. It’s just that it doesn’t work in relations with men. You can be strong in your work, which you like, at the work that you adore, but in the family, at home you need to learn to feel comfortable, being weak.

6.   To be weak does not mean to be a fool.

Another misconception concerns the very meaning of the phrase “weak woman”. It would be more correct to say that one needs to learn how to be a weak woman with a man in order to stimulate the manifestation of his masculine character traits. Indeed, in any situation, you either do something yourself, or they help you. If you need help, a man who is loving and interested in you will always provide it. You just need to let him do it. Then the man feels like a hero and is capable of even greater feats for your sake, and you understand that you are beginning to be carried in his arms. To become weaker than a man does not mean to become worse. Remember this


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