The banal term is an adjective that describes something vulgar, unimportant or inconsequential . This word comes from French and its origin dates back to the 13th century during feudalism . Then, the word banal began to be used to indicate the common services that people used within a fief. In this way, we can say that the word banal is used to indicate something superficial, insignificant or insubstantial. From its original use the idea of ​​referring to something common, very common, of general use is transmitted. The banal represents what is not important, profound or significant . This adjective can describe various things, people and situations that are not very important or current . For example: “They met on the street and had a banal conversation for a few minutes.” “The job has me so exhausted that I just want to get home and watch something banal on television.” The banal describes those things or people that are not very important. What is described as banal is generally daily and has little significance. It is used as the opposite of something that is important, profound, or meaningful.

The banal does not require any mental effort to be understood or interpreted , it is something easy to understand. We can describe as banal a television program that uses vulgar humor or talks about gossip . The opposite of a banal program would be one that discusses important current issues. The same goes for any other product like movies, books, themes, etc. As an adjective, banal can also describe a person who is very superficial or false . Someone banal does not show deep or important reflections, or even experiences sincere emotions. Banal people are interested in unimportant, irrelevant, superficial things. Concepts about the banal The things that are related to banality are generally those of fickle consumerism. The banal is carried away by appearances, fashions, ephemeral things that do not have much importance in time. In this respect, banal things tend to generate momentary satisfaction, they are ephemeral. It is not surprising, given its characteristics, that the banal adjective is related to the superficial and the frivolous .

This does not mean that banal things are wrong or are something negative. Notes that character banal, superficial or frivolous to mark the fact that things are not relevant. The term banal is also used within the scientific field to describe a type of microorganisms . In science, banal microorganisms are characterized by not causing any disease . However, these microorganisms can alter the composition of the elements if they act on them. The term banal is used in a philosophical concept that describes a type of behavior . This concept is known as banality of evil and was proposed by Hannah Arendt. This philosopher used this concept to describe the actions of a Nazi chief who did not contemplate the consequences of his actions. In this regard, he said that he did not analyze if what he did was something good or bad, the only thing that mattered to him was to advance to a professional level .

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