Bait for ants | What is it and how is it used?

Ants are undesirable insects that can appear at any time in the home. If it is not controlled in time, it can become a very complicated pest to eliminate. They also attack certain crops, ruining them completely.

There are different types of ants … but the good news is that except for some species (such as fire ant ), they do not pose a threat to our health. However, the simple fact that they walk through food can contaminate them (by leaving their droppings or the trace of formic acid ), so it is convenient to get rid of them as soon as possible.

There are many ways to eliminate ants in the home, even natural remedies. But what we are looking for is something that works if or if, and today we are going to talk about ant bait , considered one of the most effective remedies.

What is ant bait and how does it work?

The main advantage of the bait is that we are talking about a method that is usually odorless, in addition to respecting the environment, not harming either our pets or children.

The ant bait is a method that is capable of operating 24 hours of the day, providing a efectico control in both outside areas, how terraces, patios and similar places.

Bait is nothing more than a type of poison combined with a certain amount of food to attract ants. This bait will be collected by worker ants and transported to the anthill. Once there, it will display its action killing both the queen ant, and any larva that may be alive.

The duration of the bait is very variable, although some products can last up to weeks (although the range of action will also depend on the level of infestation we have). In the event that we have to face an extreme infestation, experts recommend using different baits at the same time, and perhaps we can even complement this method with another.

How to use liquid ant bait?

There are some species of ants that are organized in colonies to avoid being easily exterminated. For example, Argentine ants have several queens per nest, in addition to sharing worker ants between different nests. In the event that the entire colony is to be killed, it must be ensured that all queens have died; if only one is left alive, it can repopulate the entire species, and the same will happen with the larvae.

Ants tend to be more vulnerable in spring, since, in addition to being a time when they go out to look for food after the winter has passed, many of the queen ants are executed by the workers having fulfilled their function. That tells us that spring will be the best time to use ant bait . Usually, March is usually a good month to start.

However, it should be noted that the bait can be used at any time when there are ants.

The choice of a liquid or solid bait is up to the gardener; Each one has its pros and cons. For example, solid bait is more complicated to transport, but if it gets to the anthill it will be much easier for it to spread among all the members of the colony. Liquid bait is easier to carry, but the range in which it will act will be much smaller. It is even possible for the ant to die before reaching its destination.

How to install an ant bait station

A very common mistake is to apply ant bait anywhere: especially where they concentrate. For example, let’s imagine that we find ants in the kitchen every day. The most normal thing would be to place this bait in a hidden corner. Surely the surrounding ants die, but the anthill may be too far away for them to return before they die.

It should be as close as possible to the anthill (usually placed near citrus trees). Depending on the model, the way of placement may be different.

The best we can do is loosen the earth a little using a simple screwdriver. Next, we add a bait station so that the base touches the ground, so that the ants can enter and exit. We add the bait and place the float on top (this resource allows the ants to feed easily, in addition to reducing evaporation, which would increase the concentration of boron and reduce its effectiveness).

Commercial ant bait products

If you still don’t know what type of ant bait to buy, we recommend you take a look at this list:

  • Bait Baythion Gr Antihormigas :This type of bait is considered the ultimate solution to control ants in outdoor areas. It is solid, granular type, with the perfect size so that they can be introduced into the anthill, causing it to be distributed throughout the galleries. If the ant manages to reach the anthill, the entire colony will die within a few days.
  • 2x10gr anti-enemy trap :Bait arranged in plastic traps that can be easily placed, in transit areas or in those where these insects proliferate. The ants enter the trap and take the product to the anthill, killing the queen and the entire colony. In addition, the formula includes elements that repel animals, to avoid possible problems.
  • Bayhorion gel trap anthormigas :Another type of trap prepared to kill all members of the whole anthill. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. It even has adhesive strips to adapt it to any part, with vertical arrangement.
  • Antihormigas baythion Gel Ants :We also have this gel bait; It is easy to use, we will only put a drop in a place where the ants pass and they will take the poison inside the anthill.


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