Back Scratcher

Rascaelpalda : Object used by man to scratch certain parts of his back, since ancient times this artifact was used and today there are various types.


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  • 1 What is a Body Scraper?
  • 2 History
  • 3 Types of back scratcher
  • 4 Source

What is a Body Scraper?

A body scraper (or back scraper) is a tool used, as the name suggests, to relieve itching from areas of the body that are not easily accessible with one’s own hands, usually the back. There is a wide variety of body scrapers, usually made of wood, plastic or metal. The inventor and its origin are unknown.


The first reference to something similar to the bodyguard was a type of rake to keep in order the huge powdered wigs used by ladies in the 18th and 19th centuries. In the Yukon Territory, Canada, a bone was found with one end carved in the manner of a body scraper, which was dated by radio carbon to be 27,000 years old. It is a caribou tibia with a serrated tip (according to a study by Willian N. Irving, from the University of Toronto, Canada). Highly decorated back scrapers remain, apparently hanging from the waist as accessories, with more elaborate specimens made of silver and even rings carved from ivory fingers. The scratching hand was sometimes replaced by a rake or a bird’s claw. As usual,

Back Scratcher Types

  • Extendable Back Scraper
  • Electric back scraper
  • Homemade back scratcher
  • Automatic back scraper
  • Wooden back scraper
  • Hand scratches back


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