Azerbaijani cuisine

Azerbaijani gastronomy is known for its varied food. This variety reflects the amount of food that can be harvested in different areas of the country.

In cold regions grapes and many types of nuts are harvested , also barley and wheat. Citrus fruits and pomegranates are produced in the subtropical areas.

Azerbaijani cuisine is highly regarded both in the east and throughout Europe. The recipes were written in various sources by famous historians and travelers.


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About the gastronomy of Azerbaijan is based on the hereditary experience of the wonderful chefs who still remain.

This country is famous for being a land of centenarians. Scientists explain that this phenomenon is due to the climate, lifestyle, organic food and the principles of good nutrition. The most sophisticated gastronomics who come from different parts of the world are always fascinated by the taste and smell of Azerbaijani cuisine .

This cuisine is original and has a national character, which manifests Azerbaijani cooking techniques and traditions.

Azerbaijani cuisine is among the most diverse and healthiest, and boasts an abundance of different types of meat , fish and vegetables complemented by tasty spices. The traditional dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine are original and unique.

Some exclusive dishes are dolma, bozbash, bozartma, chikhirtma, khashil, piti, pilau govurma. Try the exquisite dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine, in addition to its exquisite wines.


Azerbaijani people are very creative in using herbs and spices in their dishes. They also use wild plants, some of which are not known outside their country.

Typical dishes

The most typical Azerbaijani food is kebabs , especially those with lamb. Kebab is the main dish at most family dinners.


There are many varieties of this dish. The main one consists of minced lamb meat mixed with rice and seasoned with flavors such as mint, cinnamon and fennel. This mixture is wrapped in cabbage leaves to make a kalam dolmasi.

Soups and Stews

Azerbaijanis are lovers of hot and cold soups. A typical stew is Dovga, which consists of a thick spicy soup made from yogurt , rice, spinach, and fennel. Another soup is Dograma, which is cold and made with sour milk, potatoes, onions, and cucumber. Another stew is Piti and it has lamb, chickpeas and saffron. Dushbarra is another typical Azerbaijani dish consisting of a broth with ravioli stuffed with lamb and herbs.

  • Plov: Consists of lamb, rice, chopped onion and plums with saffron and cinnamon.
  • Balig: It is a typical fish dish (usually sturgeon), cut into pieces and grilled like a kebab. It is served with sour plum sauce.
  • Lavangi: Consists of chicken stuffed with nuts and herbs and cooked in the oven in a clay pot.

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