Bahrain cuisine

Bahrain’s gastronomy has an Arab influence, its dishes are mainly made up of lamb and chicken, with an abundance of spices, in addition to fresh fish.


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Typical dishes

Among its typical dishes we must highlight rice accompanied by vegetables and some type of fish or meat ; the ghouzi, a roasted whole lamb stuffed with chicken , rice, and eggs; Shawarma, chicken or lamb wrapped in pita bread; Falafel, fried chickpea balls served on bread. Coffee, which is served at the beginning and end of the meal.

Another popular dish is Falafel , which consists of frying chickpeas and eating them with bread, like a sandwich, Shawarma, which is stuffed with chicken or lamb ; Meals always go hand in hand with tea or coffee served before and after eating. Arabic coffee is very strong and not very pleasant for foreign palates who are not used to drinking it.

For their cooking, they use dates in great quantity, (fruits of the date palm trees that are edible) the same ones that were used in the Sahara desert to feed camels and horses thanks to their high level of calories. These fruits can be used in different ways, whether raw or cooked, with milk, with honey and in many other ways, which made it export to many countries in the world.

Dates are said to have been Muhammad’s favorite fruit, these fruits are now believed to have properties that fertilize women who cannot bear children.

Way of serving

A peculiarity of Bahrain is that the food is served on a carpeted floor and eaten with the right hand, even if the person is left-handed. It is considered rude to offer or accept something using the left hand.


Local is delicious and is part of the traditional breakfast with hot Kaboo (bread), eggs and tea or coffee. Halwa is a traditional sweet of the region, it can be bought hot in any confectionery and tasted while we walk or later eaten cold as a snack, it remains in a condition to be consumed for a long time (there are tourists who take it in the suitcase) !).

  • The typical cheeses are also very appetizing.

cake shop

  • It is very sweet and delicious.
  • Coffee is drunk all day and is delicious as is tea.


Bahrain is the boom that the “café-shisha” are having lately, places where smoked tobacco (vanilla, honey, apple …) is smoked in water pipes while drinking coffee, talking, playing cards. They are places very frequented by foreigners living in the country and it can be a new experience for many.

  • While Bahrain is a Muslim country, alcohol is not prohibited.


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