Australian culture

Sincere and friendly Australians value honesty in both life and business. Of course, here they also steal, steal cars and counterfeit credit cards, but this is the exception rather than the rule. Australians value their word and the reputation of the company in which they work.

Local English is often difficult to understand. Residents speak with gritted teeth and half-closed lips. In conversation, they prefer brevity and conciseness. Australians love poignant phrases that shouldn’t be offended.

The population is mainly made up of emigrants, which makes Australians friendly, sociable and open to everything new.

Clothing is preferable to a simple and casual style, but a dress code is required at work, at business meetings and at evening events.

Art in all its forms is appreciated in Australia, young talents are encouraged. The government supports the development of contemporary art in Australia.

In general, the national characteristics of Australia are not exotic, you can easily and quickly get used to the Australian mentality.

Australia Photos – Cultural Figures with Young Artists

National characteristics of Australia

Australians are open, friendly and smiling people. They will always smile at you and say “thank you”. Australians (they often call themselves “Ozzie”) are distinguished by high individualism – being different from others is only encouraged here. So, eccentricity in Australia is a quality that deserves respect if it is a manifestation of a person’s individuality. All the conversations of Australians are filled with jokes and jokes, it is commonplace to talk to a stranger. Australians are a people of “no complexes”: if you want to know something, just ask. They are far from shy, and if they don’t like your questions, they will not hesitate to ask you “not to bother you with your stupid questions.” All of the above perfectly characterizes the national characteristics of Australia.

Australian cuisine is one of the most exotic and varied in the world. Its possibilities range from meat pies and veggie sandwiches to kangaroo fillets with young beetroot shoots and fried onions. Read more in the section: Australian cuisine .

The culture of Australia is very diverse in all its forms and is very interesting – cinema, music, painting, theater, dance, craft. Australia’s cities have many branches of different cultures. A hybrid of the ancient culture of local Aborigines and the culture of the new world – perfectly characterizes the national characteristics of Australia, which makes it so unusually attractive and creates its character.

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