Australian Marsupial

Australian Marsupial.A small mammal that does not resemble any other marsupial . Blind and devoid of apparent ears , the marsupial mole resembles a hairy blood sausage. It is found in central and southern Australia . Its snout is protected by a kind of shield of horny matter.


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They inhabit the plains and semi-arid areas. They live underground , although they are also seen on the surface.


They measure 130 mm including the head and body . A very short tail (only about 20 mm) is preset. They weigh about 40 grams . They have lost the use of their eyes , they are blind. The second, third and fourth digits of the forelimbs end in their own hooves for digging.

They have powerful claws on their front legs, which allow them to dig the earth, but they do not dig deep galleries, because the too inconsistent soil of their habitat prohibits it.


This species moves under the desert sand as if they were diving, pushing with their heads and pushing the sand away with their hands. The paths it remains under the sand are not excessively long, moving along the surface with the help of its hind limbs, leaving a characteristic imprint formed by three points that correspond to both hind limbs and the tail.


The marsupial mole’s diet consists primarily of larvae and chrysalises . This species most likely searches for food using scent due to lack of sight and minimal hearing.


The reproductive physiology of this species is not well known. The periods of gestation, lactation or life expectancy of this species have not been described. Males do not have a scrotum, the testicles are found between the skin and the abdominal cavity.

Females have a small but well-developed marsupium, open at the back to maintain hygiene during burrowing. Inside, two nipples serve to suckle the pups that are born around the month of November in number of 1 to 2 per litter.


They are endangered due to predators such as the fox , dingo , and cats . Another possible reason is the declining presence of food sources.


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