Australian culture today

Australian culture is a clever mix of heritage from the past (Aboriginal culture), global influences (proximity to the islands of Oceania, Asia), as well as a strong imprint of the United States and Anglo-Saxon countries. However, Australia has been able to build its own identity, which makes it an astonishing country and quite apart in Oceania. Australian culture includes one language, Australian English, which has its own set of local vocabulary, but also a recognizable accent. For its part, Australian gastronomy is strongly influenced by American dishes, certain imported products, as well as flagship ingredients, but also by Pacific cuisine. On the coast, we eat many dishes based on raw fish, while in the land, strong meats, especially kangaroo, are more popular. Finally, wine is also a big part of Australian culture. Indeed, the country today exports massively its wines, most of which are produced in Tasmania, or in the Hunter Valley, in New South Wales.

The aboriginal culture is an oral culture, that is to say that the traditions and rites were transmitted by the word. However, paintings, frescoes, costumes and works of art have been found in sacred sites, emblematic of this past. Many indigenous dances and ceremonies are also still celebrated. They help to perpetuate the traditions of this aboriginal culture. An aboriginal culture in Australia that is based on beliefs related to spirits and ancestors, which would be present on Earth for millennia, even before the arrival of men. It is a very spiritual culture, which gives pride of place to the elements of nature.

Urban culture in Melbourne and Sydney

Sydney is arguably the most famous city in the country. Yet this is only its economic and cultural capital – the administrative capital being Canberra. As for the current arts, Sydney is particularly noted for being the birthplace of several rock groups and international indie rock singers. The music scene is quite active on the south-east coast, where many pubs and clubs host small-scale concerts in the evening, both rock and jazz. In Sydney, the culture of street art has flourished. also developed in recent years. Finally, in Brisbane, lovers of design and modern and contemporary art will not be outdone, with the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA). In the city, there are many trendy cafes and alternative places to attract young people. Between effervescence and modern arts in Sydney, and legacies of indigenous traditions in the bush, Australian culture has not finished surprising you. Young people will find something to go out and enjoy modern music, while families will enjoy visits to museums or through the country’s vineyards.


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