Disco Elysium – Detailed Walkthrough

A guide describing the various quests and tasks available in Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is an isometric RPG where you play as a detective. After a stormy night, the character wakes up in a hotel room, in the backyard of which a murder took place. We have to investigate it!

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The game does not have a clear division between plot and side quests. Your main goal is to investigate a murder. However, based on your chosen dialogue answers and subjects learned, secondary goals will also appear. There is no one correct passage: the first time you can unlock some tasks, the second – others. We will describe only those that came across to us during our passage.

Character Creation

At the beginning of the game, you need to create a character. There are three types available, but there is also a fourth option in which you independently distribute ability points. We emphasize that, despite the presence of the Physical type, the game has no combat mechanics. Instead of banal attributes of strength, agility, intelligence, you have four main parameters:

  • Motor skills.

Skill selection window

Each attribute can take a value from “1” to “6”. You have 8 ability points available. In the future, increasing the level, you will be able to invest the received points no longer in the main parameters, but in additional ones. There are six additional parameters for each main parameter. We will not go into details, but emphasize that, for example, belief in a game is much more valuable than strength.

Another important point: all six additional skills related to this or that parameter automatically take its value. Let’s say you have chosen physics level 5. As a result, six other skills associated with it will also become “5”.

Our choice : 6 units of intelligence, 2 units of other parameters.

After that, you can set the signature on one of the additional skills, increasing it by 1 unit. That is, in our case, it was advisable to assign a signature to one of the six intelligence skills, pumping it to level 7. We chose logic.

The main character’s apartment


The main character wakes up in his hotel room. Climbing to your feet, pick up the yellow pants. A yellow icon will appear above the character’s head. Click on it to get the key from the pants. To the left, there is a jacket on the sofa. Stop the fan and then do the check (you can take off your pants as they reduce the skill level). In the bathroom, find the shirt, on the hanger at the entrance – the first shoe.

Examine the broken window on the left side. The first check can be started here. Since we invested a lot of points in intelligence, the success rate was 97%. In all other situations, there will be different percentages, which depends on the specific parameters of the required skill. New task: find the second shoe .

Look in the mirror, wipe it, and select any dialog branches. Exit the room to find a smoking lady. The TAB key allows you to highlight all interactive objects.

As soon as you get the second shoe, you can take advantage of the bonuses for this pair of shoes

Find a second shoe

Exit the room using the key found in the pants and go left. Pick up coins lying on the table, then exit to the balcony through the lower door. At the very end there are shoes.

Council . Save as often as possible, because you can see the Game Over inscription in two cases: if the hero has 0 HP or 0 morale points. To increase morale, invest ability points in the Violition skill. Also try to save the game before each dialogue. If you see that some branch causes damage to morale or HP, reboot and exclude it from the selection.

After talking with the girl, go downstairs to the main hall. Examine the microphone and music stand next to it. A purple marker will appear above your head.

Such markers indicate that the hero has some thoughts regarding the situation, or his own subconscious wants to communicate with him.

If you choose it, you will get a new challenge: sing karaoke . Depending on the phrases you choose, you will be asked to get hold of a recording with a sad, funny or “whatever” song.

Kim Katsuragi, partner of the protagonist

To the left of the bartender there is a door, to the right of it – a table with a water cooler. And next to the cooler you can find the drug Nosaphed . It is used to restore HP. Walk left and chat with Kim Katsuragi, standing near the front door. This is your partner. After the conversation, you will receive new tasks: examine the victim’s body / interrogate the diner manager / report the missing token. Also Katsuragi will now walk with you.

Walk down and see a sleeping man. There is a bottle next to him. Examine it, select the icon above the head. After a few dialog phrases, you get a new task: find alcohol and drink . Examine the sleeping man. In the dialogue, you will receive Magnesium, a drug that increases your morale. If you have enough abilities, you can even steal the ID-card of the dock worker from him. Chat with a woman in a wheelchair. You will receive a new challenge: to get the real ins and outs .

Interrogate the diner manager

Go to the bartender and chat with him on various topics. This will complete your current goal. However, new tasks will become available : find out who reported the crime / pay for the damage . Talk to him again to get another task: find out who is in the Union Box . Talk to your partner, find out information about the investigation in order to complete a secret task and get additional experience points. You can also take three more new tasks from him: The Pissing Competition / report at the end of the day / call the station’s infirmary . Go outside.

The street

Police car heroes

Talk to the gardener sitting to the right of the hotel entrance. At the end of the conversation, you will receive the yellow gardener’s gloves.

Report missing token

Approach the blue car on the left of the hotel. Look into the cockpit, select the toolbox and take away all the items lying in it. You will receive a pry bar, flashlight, and wire cutters. Turn on the radio and report the missing icon. This goal will be completed, but a new task will become available : track your token . Continue the conversation to get the task: track your weapon .

] Call the station infirmary

Re-turn on the radio in the police car and ask to put you in touch with the infirmary of the 41st precinct. Talk about all topics to complete the task.

Find out who reported the crime

Use the radio in the police car again. This time contact Sylvia, mentioned by Garth, the hotel cafe manager. Talk to her. The task will be updated. If you can pass the test, you will receive the task: to communicate with Garth for Sylvia .

Chat with Garth for Sylvia

Just go to the hotel cafe and talk to Garth to complete the quest and get additional experience points.

Backyard with victim’s body

Examine the victim’s body

Head up from the hotel to go to the field where there is a tree with a suspended corpse. One of the boys will throw stones at him. Chat with him to get the assignment: ask the gardener about gardening in March . Examine the trash container on the left to get the task: open the trash container . Click on the corpse and try to pass the check. You will fail it anyway, but other solutions will become available. Take Lieutenant Kim’s handkerchief. You cannot continue examining the corpse. Run to the gardener and ask her for an ampoule of ammonia. Check the corpse again. This time it was successful. Study the dead man to get new tasks: find out where the rest of the armor went / get the shoes of the hanged man / lower the body / tattoos of the victim… In addition, if you pass the check, you can find out the serial number of the victim’s shoes. In this case, a task will appear : punch the victim’s boot number .

Lower body

Ask Kim to shoot, then shoot yourself. Chances are you will miss. The boys will tell you that you need to go to the harbor and ask for help from Ervert Clare.

Victim tattoos

Kim will take a photo of the body and you will have it in your inventory.

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