How to attract a man to have an interest in you!

There are not a few women who contact me to ask for tips on how to attract a man . As much as it is something that should naturally occur between men and women, we still feel insecure about our power of conquest, don’t we?

I decided to write this article precisely to help you regain your confidence and feel like a real powerful and well-resolved woman. Good reading!

In this text, I will give you some important tips on the topics below:

  • Why don’t women know how to attract a man?
  • How to attract a man who still has no interest in you?
  • How to win a man in bed?

After reading the content, I am sure that you will find new ways to regain your confidence that you are fully capable of attracting and winning the desired man!

Why don’t women know how to attract a man?

As I said, attraction is a natural process that takes place between man and woman. And it is much more subjective than we think: it has to do with our body signals, with our hormones, with our senses.

But why do many women fail or feel unable to win a man? In many cases, they are just sending out the wrong signals, whether out of anxiety, insecurity or even a rush to attract the ideal man. There are also those who only dream of the “prince charming”, without looking at the real men who are at their side.

The fact is, I don’t believe a woman doesn’t know how to attract a man. The power of attraction is in all of us, what may be lacking is to better explore your attributes and also to direct your attention to real men, not to that prince charming that you dream of.

How to attract a man who still has no interest in you?

But, if this power of attraction is already in you, how can you discover it and leverage it to really feel safe when it comes to attracting a man ? At this point, there is no formula or secret, but a few tips can help you feel more confident:

Feel beautiful and value your strengths

Perhaps you are now doubting that you can attract a man because he feels ugly, is overweight, does not like his hair … and all those other concerns that we usually have with our appearance , am I right?

Remember, however, that it is not the beauty standard of a magazine that conquers a man, but real women with their own attributes. Look at yourself more in the mirror and find out what you like most about yourself … Eyes, mouth, hair, breasts, butt: for sure, you have many beautiful elements in you!

After that, start to appreciate your strengths more, highlight your beauty, wear clothes that make you feel powerful. All of these attitudes will have a very important impact on your confidence, something that men perceive and that makes them very attracted!

Have a focus

If you want to know how to attract a man , how about focusing on one man at a time? Having a focus helps you to better understand the objective of your achievement and to invest your energy in the relationship with him.

There is nothing to prevent you from making another attempt if it doesn’t work, but it is very important to keep your attention on one target at a time!

Show interest

Sometimes we don’t even notice, but the man is trying to find out if we are interested in him and we keep giving the opposite sign of what we want! This happens normally when we are afraid to show ourselves too interested, then we end up showing ourselves to be less interested.

So, without fear of taking it out or appearing to be too “offered”, if you really feel like it, demonstrate it to the man you want to attract. Of course, there is no need to go straight to the point, some more open attitudes can do the job.

Be natural

Are you one of those who totally changes when trying to win someone over? Or does it become too expansive? Or too shy, barely able to speak? The best secret about how to attract a man is to remain natural, as he acts in everything he does in his day to day. No man wants to be won over by a robot, right?

Have personality

In the same way, there are those women who, when trying to attract a man, avoid expressing any opinion, for fear of saying something that might displease them. At these times, know that there is nothing more unpleasant than talking to someone without personality – anyone gets tired after a few hours.

Have a good time

Finally, the last tip is to have fun! All this art of conquest must be treated lightly, calmly, safely. No despair, thinking you will be single forever – and if you do, what harm is there?

Take advantage of this early stage of a relationship to have fun and to demonstrate it too. Every man wants to find a partner for fun!

Knowing how to attract a man involves a lot of self-confidence, naturalness and personality. No more trying to become another woman, you need to win a man for what he really is!

How to win a man in bed?

And, after that initial phase of attraction passes, can you finish conquering the desired man in bed ? As much as it is not a “mandatory step” to attract someone for good, it can be a good help …

Here are some tips that I consider very important for women who want to impress during sex:


Men are still quite impressed by women who are surprising about sex. As you get to know your partner better, start teasing him in different and unusual ways. You can get him excited in unconventional places, send spicy love messages and everything else your imagination allows.

Caprice in lingerie

Men are very visual at the time of sex, so, in this initial phase of the conquest, nothing to wear that beige panties so comfortable. Caprice in lingerie, finding the one that values ​​your body.

Have oral sex with ease

Men love to receive oral sex ! How about turning him on with this fetish? But be careful, only do it if you really feel like it. Or your expression of disgust can end the mood.

Test a strip tease

And a very provocative strip tease to impress? If you have never done a sensual dance, I recommend that you try the flashlight strip tease, in which it stays in the dark and sees only what you illuminate. Irresistible!

Do pompoirism

The Pompoir or intimate gymnastics , is a practice that can give you a great power during sex. This is because you will transform that traditional “in and out” into a universe of new sensations for man, by stimulating his penis using his vaginal muscles. How about taking a pompoar course and start practicing?

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