How to increase female lubrication and have more pleasure?

In this article, I’m going to talk about a very serious topic: how to increase female lubrication . Women who suffer from a disorder or any problem that prevents the vaginal canal from being lubricated during sexual intercourse face a major challenge in their lives, which can lead to physical and psychological consequences.

For this reason, I decided to write about this very important subject, fundamental for well-resolved women to find themselves in their sexual experiences.

To learn more about how to increase female lubrication , I recommend that you watch the video below, in which I answer the questions of a reader here on the blog on the subject. Worth it!

To help women who have problems with vaginal lubrication, in this article I will talk about the topics below:

  • What is vaginal lubrication?
  • Difficulties in getting lubricated
  • How to increase female lubrication

At the end of the reading, I hope you can find new perspectives for your sex life, discovering that this type of problem can be solved with simple attitudes and techniques!

What is vaginal lubrication

First of all, I can’t help but give a scientific explanation, which will support our whole conversation about how to increase female lubrication .

Simply put, lubrication is the answer that we women give to sexual arousal – just as men have an erection, we have this physical indicator that we are preparing for sex in order to facilitate penetration and have greater pleasure.

When we think about the three phases of an orgasm (desire, arousal and the orgasm itself), we can say that vaginal lubrication is part of the arousal stage, as a result of a series of transformations that our body undergoes in preparation for sex. Our blood pressure and heart rate increase and our vaginal canal receives more blood flow – just what allows the vagina to be lubricated.

Of course, there are a number of glands and hormones involved in this process, it is as if our body is preparing for the great event that is sexual intercourse from stimuli sent by our brain.

Female lubrication is the way our body responds to sexual arousal, preparing us for penetration to happen in the most pleasant way possible!

Difficulties in getting lubricated

Unfortunately, there are not a few women who face difficulties with vaginal lubrication. One of the most direct causes for this is pain during sexual intercourse, due to the rubbing of the penis with the vagina, which can even end up hurting. This is even one of the main reasons why women are unable to enjoy themselves during intercourse .

The lack of lubrication can be caused by both psychological reasons (such as trauma), as well as some type of imbalance in the body. So, if you are facing this type of problem, it is essential that you see a doctor to help you.

You can go to your gynecologist or your endocrinologist, who will do the necessary tests to find out what may be leading to a lack of lubrication.

The lack of lubrication is a problem that prevents many women from having sexual pleasure, and may have a psychological cause or be due to some dysfunction of the female body. See a doctor to find out why!

How to increase female lubrication

After you talk to your doctor and find out the reasons for not being able to get vaginal lubrication, there are some practices and attitudes that can help you with treatment – and that you can follow for a lifetime.

Here are some tips I have separated on how to increase female lubrication :

  • Practicing pompoirism: I already spoke in another article here on the blog about how intimate gymnastics can help your health , at different stages of your life. Well, one of the main benefits of this practice is precisely to increase vaginal lubrication, since blood circulation in the region is stimulated. Practicing vaginal exercises , therefore, can be an excellent treatment, without leading to the need to take medication or perform any surgical intervention.
  • Avoid excessive intimate soaps: it is clear that it is essential to do good intimate hygiene for your health, but if you already have lubrication problems, be careful with the excessive use of intimate soaps. They can unbalance the vaginal pH and cause dryness in the region. Get information from your gynecologist about the best use of these products and also indications of those with neutral pH.
  • Drink less coffee and alcoholic beverages: while under treatment to increase your intimate lubrication, it is important to review your diet. Alcoholic beverages and coffee are some examples to be avoided, as they dehydrate the body and impact the production of natural fluids.
  • Relaxing: yes, lubrication is totally associated with your tranquility when it comes to intercourse, by allowing yourself to be aroused and give yourself to your partner. Stress can be hurting you to be lubricated, so look for ways to recharge your energy and relieve tension, such as physical exercise and meditation.
  • Use foreplay to your advantage : at time H, if you feel you are not lubricated enough for penetration yet, encourage your partner to be less hurried and invest more time for foreplay . They are essential for your brain to understand that it is excited and release all the essential hormones for lubrication to happen!
  • Testing artificial lubricants : however important it is that you can have natural lubrication, nothing prevents you from using resources like industrialized lubricants during your treatment to have a healthy sex life. Prefer those that have water as a base, the best for your body.

There are very simple behaviors and techniques to help increase female lubrication. They can greatly increase your sexual satisfaction, even if you don’t have a lot of trouble getting lubricated.

Female lubrication: you can’t live without it!

After you’ve read my tips on how to increase female lubrication , you need to accept and understand one point: you can’t live without it! It is essential that your body is able to produce the fluids that will help you have pleasure. So, if you are having any difficulty in this regard, be sure to seek medical help and seek treatment, even if they are simple changes in attitude such as starting to practice intimate gymnastics.

To be a really well resolved woman, it is not enough to just feel beautiful and have professional success, it is very important that you are able to live your pleasure to the fullest, whether single or married. Take care of yourself and your sexual health.

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