Ashen Complete Guide – Tips, Tricks and Secrets

Welcome to our guide to Ashen , the rather minimalist Soulslike rpg where we have to once again save the world. Enter a world doomed to disappear, and get the being that gives the game its name to regain all its power and prevent everything from going to hell.

Throughout this guide we will cover a series of essential points, which will help you complete all the missions and content available.

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As always, in these story entries we will cover all the main missions, optimized and without spoilers , so that you advance discovering everything possible. In addition, we will be inserting the secondary ones so that you can develop your character properly.


  • Hammer and lighter :the Ashen has revived. Follow your teacher’s advice to restore his power.
  • Light Annex :Bataran sends us to consult someone about the Ashen.
  • Undaunted :We are looking for someone who, according to Bataran, will be very useful in the village.
  • Listening heart :our teacher sends us to look for nothing less than his sister.
  • Shadow Paths :Silaren wants to help us, but she needs to get her tools back.
  • Riak’s Claw :Silaren needs an ingredient with which to make better potions.
  • Guide light :Amara searches for a table with a special register.
  • The Shadow Weaver :Silaren is looking for a very special cauldron.
  • Dose of cruelty :to finish strengthening, Silaren looks for the seed of the world.
  • Mother of the Deep :Amara wants us to ask for advice on what to do to Gefn.
  • Heart in the Shadow :Amara asks us to go find the Shadow of the Ashen.
  • United :one last encounter with Gefn is all that is needed to prepare for the awakening ritual.
  • The Awakening :A last and unpleasant surprise awaits us to resurrect Ashen.

Side trips

As our character explores the world, he will meet characters who have their own Side Trips , the name given to the game’s side missions. Since the rewards are life buffs, new items to buy in stores, and talismans , you shouldn’t leave it for when you finish the game.

  • Jokell Missions :All missions from your starting partner.
  • Vorsa Quests :The Huntress will send you to collect numerous dangerous pieces.
  • Missions of Elia :a young traveler with a lot of mystical power.
  • Flokir’s Missions :A villain turned into a skilled craftsman … if he ever gets his toys back.


Ashen does not have a deep Weapon system , but it is in your best interest to know the basic concepts behind it. As you will soon notice, the differences between some artifacts and others will be minimal, so what we are going to do is save you time by telling you the following:

  • Differences between weapons :what is the real difference between an ax and a mace?
  • Better weapons and how to get them :although the system is very basic, it allows us to easily choose the two best weapons to obtain, improve and use.

Talisman and Relics

The game does not have a proper accessory system, but it does have Relics and Talismans . These interchangeable objects will allow you to improve all your attributes, as well as getting special effects that will make fighting easier. What we are going to tell you here is basically:

  • How to equip them :you will have to find a specific workbench.
  • Differences between Talismans and Relics :you will not be able to equip all you want of each type.
  • How to get Talismans and Relics :Not everything will be available from the beginning.

Frequent questions

As always, we leave for the end those topics that will surely assault you during your games, frequently asked questions about very recurring problems:

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  • Fast Travel :If you don’t want to travel the whole world on foot, you can use a small creature to move between the Ritual Stones. We tell you how to do it and when this game option is unlocked.
  • Sell ​​items : Youwill start having inventory problems very soon. And with so many merchants going around the world, you will surely have this doubt. Is it really possible to sell the objects you have left to get slag?
  • Saving objects :when you see that you are not able to carry more objects, you will have to start prioritizing what you have on you and what you don’t. If there is something you want to keep but you don’t have space, look for the Tramp of the Tramp Rest.
  • Crimson Zucchini :The equivalent of the Estus Jar of Dark Souls . We tell you where you can get this refillable healing item, as well as what you can do to improve the number of uses and the amount of life you can recover with each drink.
  • Level up :The game does not have a level progression system and attribute improvement as such. However, you will have the possibility to increase your maximum level of life and energy to make things easier.


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