Minecraft Guide the BEST tips and secrets (2020)

When you enter the world of Minecraft , you must keep one thing in mind: there are no limits . With the passage of time, the game has become a leviathan of colossal proportions in which everything is possible. More than a few have made this world their home, and have created their own adventures and stories.

For this reason it is impossible to offer you a conventional guide , because based on your experience you would need one or the other. However, what we do want is for you to be clear about a series of basic concepts and specific points when creating and exploring one and a thousand worlds. Keep in mind that this title is constantly expanding and changing, so even today news and modifications are still being added periodically, which can greatly affect your game. However, keeping in mind a series of basic concepts, your trip will be more bearable.

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Cheats and Console Commands

As with many PC games, Minecraft allows us to use console commands in some of its versions. This triggers tricks, tricks of a lifetime: get infinite objects, gold, materials, make enemies appear out of nowhere, be invincible …


eye! People have reached a level of modification that you may have to ask for completely unique commands from some worlds to their creators!

Creative mode

Once you are in the main menu, in principle, we will start from the idea that this is your first game and you have not created any world . So we are going to start with Creative Mode , or sandbox mode . For the moment do not worry about the option of using seeds , we leave it for later.

In this mode you have absolute freedom , here the idea is that you have unlimited resources and there are no enemies that you should worry about. This is where you will become familiar with the game’s controls, basically, and how the world itself works on a basic level.

Although you could create great structures and so on, don’t get complicated and learn to make normal shelters , especially: a small house, a cave to hide in … when you have learned enough you will be able to do bigger things.

Please note that this is not the actual game experience , it is simply a way for you to understand how the creator of worlds, structures and buildings works. This is an important first step, but logically you should not get used to it being so easy. But it is a first step to understand that there are few limitations to our imagination.

Survival mode

Once you’re done with the basic game controls, it’s time to move on to the adventure itself, Survival Mode .

Here things are different regarding Creation , mainly the presence of creatures and enemy NPCs . However, you should know that you can disable enemies by opening the options menu and lowering the difficulty to Pacific .

Logically, it is not how the game is designed to be enjoyed, but if you want to start a really easy game, you can do it this way until you see that you have enough resources. You can change the difficulty at any time.


Getting items to make things is essential in the game. Materials depend on the type of area you are in. In the case of Minecraft , the areas are called biomes and you must bear in mind the obviousness that some of them present.

That is, a biome from a very small island will have few resources, a desert does not have much to offer us, a forest will have a lot of wood to collect, a mineral mine …

You must bear in mind that, in the case of minerals, depending on the peak you use, it will take more or less to get blocks. Also, to create a block of a mineral you need several units of the same mineral, which in turn can be turned into ingots, which is what you are really going to use to create other objects.

There are a large number of materials to collect to create objects and, above all, portals , but the most important are the following:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Coal
  • Iron
  • Lapis lazuli
  • Gold
  • Redstone
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Infra-quartz
  • Obsidian (you can only chop obsidian with a Diamond Pick)

How to get obsidian

The obsidian requires a little more explanation than other materials, because to get there to meet some special conditions. The first thing is that you have to have a diamond pick to be able to break it and collect it . The rest of minerals can be obtained with any peak (it will cost more or less depending on the quality of the peak), but this is only obtained with the diamond.

Obsidian can be found naturally and then you can chop it. However, there is a system to create it artificially and it is the most common.

  • Find a lava fountain. It is usually found in caves and underground places.
  • Build buckets using iron ingots. With them you can collect lava, you will need a bucket / lava block for each obsidian block you want to create.
  • Now you need to build a hole in the ground, in an area that is not flammable and that is a minimum of two blocks away from any flammable surface, because this will be the incendiary range of the lava.
  • Pour the lava tubs into the hole you have created, always being careful not to fall inside.
  • Now you just have to pour water on the lava and it will become blocks of obsidian.
  • Lava only becomes obsidian and is still, that is, a river of lava will not become obsidian when in motion, you need it to be “stagnant”.
  • You can extrapolate this however you want to create larger lava pools and create obsidian blocks more quickly.
  • Remember: if you don’t use a diamond pick, the block will break, so don’t try to pick it without one.

Crafting and crafting recipes

From the first moment you will have to create objects, armor, weapons, and tools to be able to advance your journey. The first thing you need to do is build a creation table , which in turn will be what you actually use to create objects .

To create the authoring table, take the redundancy, select the option to create from inventory and place four wooden blocks forming a square in the lower corner.

From this point on, you will create the most important tools and objects from here. It is a very visual and, to some extent, logical process. For example, a sword is created by putting a piece of wood in the lower central part of the table, and on it, two of the mineral you want to create the sword from. That is, handle and blade. A pick would be two pieces of wood (the handle) at the bottom center of the table, and three pieces of ore horizontally (the pick) at the top.

There are a myriad of recipes to create objects of all kinds that will help you on your journey.

Hunger and food

Minecraft includes a starvation system among its survival mechanics. Your character needs to eat frequently so as not to starve.

  • To start: in Creative mode or the Pacific difficulty there is no hunger, only if you play in Survival.
  • To eat, you simply use the item, as if it were any other item, from the inventory.
  • To get food, you can resort to several sources: killing animals, cultivating the field or fishing for fish.
  • You can eat raw meat without problems, with the exception of chicken, which can sometimes poison you (30% chance)
  • Not all foods are the same, check the saturation value of each to find out which one fills you the most.
  • The objects usually cooked satiate morethan those who consumed raw.
  • Obviously, if you eat rotten meator any spoiled or poisonous food such as spider eyes, you will be poisoned .
  • If you have obtained milk, consuming it will not only improve your level of hunger, but it will eliminate the altered states that you suffer.

Cooking objects

To cook objects you first have to create an oven . You can check the recipe glossary that we have left just above these lines to create one. When you have it, let’s move on to cooking and creating food:

  • The oven is made up of two parts:a lower tray and an upper tray.
  • You must put fuel in thelower tray .
  • Foodgoes on the top tray .
  • In addition to simply cooking meat for the best effect, you can also create food by mixing ingredients . Again, check out the recipe glossary for how to mix wheat to make bread, for example.

Start your game

The first thing is that you choose if you want to play in Creation or Survival Mode. We have already discussed the differences between one and the other: Survival is the “real game”, while in Creation you have absolute freedom and do not take risks with enemies. Now we pass to the generation of the world.

Creating a world

Once you have done with the controls and the basic concepts, it is time to explain what it is to use a Seed or Seed . Here we tell you all about the Seeds .

First days

Now that you have created the world, we will start from the basis that you play in Survival , because if you play in Creation you have absolutely everything at your fingertips and therefore you can do whatever you want.

  • First, get resourceslike wood and stone, which will be the materials of your basic tools.
  • Create a work table, sticks, a stone ax, and a bed, although you can leave the latter for when it gets dark.
  • Pay attention to the sky and when it is sunsetbuild a basic shelter . Don’t waste time with throwaway houses: go up to a mountain, dig a small cave (don’t make the entrance too big, put a bed, a torch on each side of the “door”, close it with a block and wait for let the night pass
  • During the night is when more enemies come out, so it is convenient that you are prepared to face them.
  • As the days go by, accumulate more and more resources and go creating a refuge to get into at night.
  • Your usual refuge should have a bed, with torches that scare some (not all, watch out) enemies at night, a trunk for your things, a creation table …
  • From here it is a matter of improving until reaching an acceptable level.

When you see that it is possible, you will have to travel until you find portals to the Nether and the End, the final objective of the world. Do not forget of course to keep improving, getting resources, expanding your refuge … there are literally an infinity of things to do that will depend on the world you are in.

Traveling to other worlds

Each generated world is made up of three different dimensions :

  • Overworld (the normal world).
  • Nether (“hell”, can be used to travel faster).
  • End (the last zone you can access in each world).

To travel between each other you will always need portals , being the Nether portal that take you to the Nether and bring you back from it and the End portal , which is a unique portal of each world, the one that takes you to the End.


The Overworld is the plane on which most of your adventure will take place. Let’s say that regardless of the world you are in, it is the “normal world”.


The Nether is a fairly dangerous area, in which there are not only lots of rivers of lava, but also quite strong enemies. The main reason for traveling to the Nether, in addition to the resources that can be obtained, is that it allows you to travel quickly . The operation of this fast journey consists in that each block that you advance in the Nether is equivalent to eight in the Overworld .

To get to this place (and get out of it) you need to find or create a Nether portal . These are black frames with a pulsating blue window in the center. If you can’t find any and you want to create a portal, you need a minimum of 8 obsidian blocks.

  • The creation of one of these portals is simple:you must place two blocks of obsidian horizontally and one block of any other mineral (it does not have to be obsidian) at each end. That is, we form a line of four blocks with two of obsidian in the center.
  • On blocks 1 and 4 of the line that we have formed, place two blocks of obsidian vertically, that is, a column of two blocks of obsidian on the two blocks that will make the “corners” of the portal.
  • On the columns, you must make a line the same as that of the base. The result will be a frame with four corners of any mineral and with the central parts of obsidian.
  • Now just light a fire in the center of the frame to make the portal appear.

To get out of the Nether you need to find another portal within it, or create another one. Remember that when you exit, you will have advanced in the same direction in the Overworld an amount equivalent to the advanced blocks in the Nether x8.


As its name suggests, End is the “end” of Survival mode . To get here you need to find an End portal , which in this way will appear in one of the fortresses of the world you are in . You will have to travel to find one. These are quite clear structures, because they are altars that are always found on rivers of lava within the fortress itself.

  • The process for activating the End portal is quite simple: you must place 12 Ender eyes, one in each of the portal blocksaround the “window” for it to light up and be able to use it.
  • See how to create an Ender’s Eyein the recipe glossary above.
  • If you have not yet located the End portal, if you use an Eye of Ender as any object, it will fly to the nearest one, leaving a trail behind it so you can locate it.
  • When you have placed the 12 eyes you can jump to the portal and reach End.

In End you will not find much, it is a desolate and empty space where the Ender dragon , the “final boss” of the game, awaits . Keep in mind that the dragon can go through almost any block, drop poison bombs and attack you directly . Also, to your advantage, if you hit other creatures that have come here, they will become aggressive towards the dragon , which you can use to your own advantage. The dragon can be healed by nearby End blocks unless you destroy them.

You can not leave the End unless you die or kill the dragon , which will activate the exit portal. Using the exit portal will always generate an End portal near where you appear .


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