Definitive guide Medievil Remake: tips, tricks and secrets

MediEvil brings us the remake of one of the great classics of the first PlayStation. With updated graphics and a couple more enhancements, it’s time for those who couldn’t do it right then enjoy the adventure of a hero out of the ordinary. With this guide we assure you that you will have nothing left to do on the return of the great dwarf-headed knight. Ready to save Gallowemere from the fearsome Zarok?

Throughout this guide we will cover all the points necessary for you to complete 100% of the game. How to complete all the levels, with tips for each section, the final bosses of each screen, how to get the Chalices, the weapons and all the secrets included in MediEvil :


The History of MediEvil puts us in the hide (or in the lack of skin, rather) of Sir Daniel Fortesque, the first fallen in the battle of Gallowmere . He was not very lucky, poor man. But now, by accident, Zarok has resurrected his most fearsome rival. Find out how to complete the story and become the hero you deserve:


  • Dan’s Crypt :Sir Daniel wakes up long after falling in combat.
  • The Cemetery :well, first things first, you have to leave the churchyard. That it has a lot of countryside, but little saint.
  • La Colina del Cementerio : wellthe place is big, it even has its own little mountain.
  • The Mausoleum at the Top of the Hill :With so much tour of the cemetery, it was inevitable to arrive at a mausoleum with a huge demon.
  • Back to the Graveyard :The worst thing that can happen to a skeleton is encountering a dog. A big one.
  • Scarecrow Fields :lots of corn won’t scare you. But the things that protect him will break your face … your skull.
  • The Pumpkin Throat :No, it’s not like you get into the throat of a pumpkin. “Throat” also refers to “gorge”. No, it is not a pumpkin parade. Agh, go to hell.
  • The Pumpkin Serpent :Praise everyone to the Pumpkin King!
  • The Sleeping People :because if they are asleep, sleepwalkers give some panic.
  • The Madhouse Gardens :Trying to enter a madhouse when the dead walk sounds like a good idea.
  • The Madhouse Dungeons :As they say, we’re all mad down here .
  • The Caves of the ants :the great Fortesque becomes the not so great Fortesque.
  • Enchanted Earth :As the rest of the world is normal, now we get into a MORE enchanted place.
  • The Swamps of the Ancient Dead :If things are about the old dead, Fortesque is a self-taught expert.
  • The Lake :spoiler, your bones don’t float.
  • The Crystal Caves : alot of crystalline and such, but with a Hammer you can even take … is that a dragon?
  • The Gallows Gauntlet :Not that we believe there is any danger at the site where the Gallowmere criminals were sent.
  • The Enchanted Ruins :go on, it turns out that the Pilgrim King is still alive. Well, something like that.
  • The Ghost Ship :Pretty girls don’t pay money. You are an ugly and one-eyed skeleton.
  • The Entrance Hall :we are finally about to reach the place where Zarok is hiding.
  • The Time Device :Zarok has a clock shit. He doesn’t even have a calculator, he doesn’t count the steps, or the calories burned …
  • Zarok’s Lair : It‘s time to settle scores with the old hide.


Almost all the levels hide a Chalice , an accumulator of souls that will allow us to go to the Gallery of Heroes . Delivering the cups will allow us to commune with the ancient warriors of Gallowmere. And they, in return, will give us various weapons and objects with which Dan will have more options to save the region. In this section we will tell you how to get the Chalice of each level and the reward you will get for each of them:

  • How to get a Chalice and what it is for : youhave to meet some requirements to find them:
  • Rewards : You willget fixed rewards when you reach a certain number of Chalices delivered.
  • Where to find all the Chalices :all the Chalices of each level and how to get them.


Sir Daniel has many weapons at his disposal: from a simple truncheon to powerful magic rays. Learning how to use them is important in order to defend yourself against the hordes of Zarok:

  • The arm , the small sword , enchanted sword , magic sword , the Porra , the Hammer and Ax are weapons that directly hit the enemies.
  • The Thrown Daggers , chicken drumsticks , the crossbow , the bow , the flamboyant Arco , the magical bow , the Lanza and Ray will allow remote attack.
  • Finally, your protective pieces will be the Copper , Silver and Gold Shield , as well as the Dragon Armor , a piece that allows you to attack and protect yourself from fire.

Lost souls

The Lost Souls is a new type of collectible, not present in the original game . It is about 19 Souls that you have to find and give them peace by completing a kind of puzzle, challenge or puzzle. Finding all of them will unlock a rather special bonus.

Play the original MediEvil

Although we are facing a remake, it is also possible to play the original version of PSX . Yes, MediEvil Remake includes two games in one, and we tell you how you can play MediEvil as it was conceived several decades ago.


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