Artist . It consists of the expression of sensations, emotions and ideas through plastic, linguistic or sound resources.


The concept allows us to encompass the creations made by the human being to express his sensitive vision of the real or imaginary world. Through plastic, linguistic or sound resources, art allows to express ideas, emotions, perceptions and sensations.

It is also defined by a person who is dedicated to one or several of the fine arts, who works professionally in a show as a singer, actor or dancer, or who does a very good thing or stands out in an activity.

Among the many types of artists that exist there are poets, novelists, playwrights, painters, sculptors, musicians, singers.

According to UNESCO, the artist is:

“Any person who believes or participates in his interpretation in the creation or recreation of works of art, which considers his artistic creation as an essential element of his life, thus contributing to the development of art and culture, and who is recognized or asks to be recognized as an artist, whether or not he has entered into a working relationship or other form of association ” [1]

In the artist, it is almost an especially sensitive disposition towards the world that surrounds him, which leads him to produce works of art. The artist is an individual who has developed both his creativity and the ability to communicate the meaning, through the good use of talent and technique

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